Tons Of badass Tokens

Ok so I have around 38K badass points and really dont feel like sitting here spamming the A button all day again. Is there a easier way to spend all my tokens?

There is no other way to distribute them other than one by one. Sorry.

ahhh ok I guess I will spam for a bit haha thanks (:

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Don’t put them all in the same tiny sub-set of boosts, though - you’ll want to spread them around a bit or you could run into problems.


Took me like 10 minutes to redeem 50k worth. It’s not that bad.

Just be glad you didn’t have to spend over an hour redeeming over 1000 tokens like I did. Really hope they use a system like Diablo 3’s paragon for BL3.

I have 324k BAR for BL2.

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I wish I had your problem… lol

Wow someone is actually complaining about spending badass tokens lol. Like the person above said, I’m sure there’s some who would love to have your problem.

I took me 3 hours to redeem 20k tokens

try having 237500+ i had well over 900 tokens to distribute…ugg (BL2)

now thats insane…what is your badass points #

I wasn’t complaining, just saying it could have been longer. Took a little over an hour to redeem but that’s done now.

@BodieB His rank would be around 55m using this calculation.That is of course if he meant 20k tokens and not 20k BAR.

T= tokens

R=T^ 1.8

Um, are you sure that math is right? O.o

Yea I had 1K tokens to redeem took around 30mins BAR 249K now it’s 267K.

Just did the math for my BAR and it is correct.

t= number of tokens spent in one stat

b= bonus % in one stat


I have 25% in all stats so

t= 25^(4/3)
t= 73.1 so 73

73x14=1022+ 141 unspent tokens=1163

R=1163^ 1.8

My BAR is at 329,979 now with loyalty rewards so yeah the math checks out.

I may have miss understood what he meant when he said “20k tokens” but if that is in fact what he meant than 55m is correct.

i knew he meant 20,000 tokens my first message was to the o.p…the second was because that is a shockingly high b.a.r. …i mean i have well over 900 tokens and have played hundreds of hours…although i guess i could see if he was doing the money and or duel and or trade challenges over and over

there are other ways to get yourself a ridiculously high BAR rank in a ridiculously short amount of time

Yea my BAR fo bl2 is like 348mil and I have like 65k tokens and say I spend 20k tokens and I get off or sign out and get back on I gain all the tokens back

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