Tons of legendaries to trade or sell in game

I have probably 100 legendaries im willing to trade or sell for in game cash. Some not so great others may help u more than me. I have class mods for Zane and Amara I need to offload as well as some anointed gear. I honestly can’t go through them all but I know someone out there may want them more than me. If there is a certain thing ur looking for ask me and I’ll let you know if I have it and what the specs and annointments are.

I know I have a ton of jackhammers, thorns, transformer shields, snow deathless relics, and sprinklers.

Any cutsman, brainstormer, Maggie or recursion with on action skill end damage or an element %?

Antifreeze mod Zane?

I’ll get back to you in 30 when I get home.

No antifreeze. I have 2 infiltrator mods.

got any gamma burst gear 65% gamma anointed cutsman, maggie, brainstormer,

my list is below

I don’t sorry.

Got any laser-sploders?

I have a few I think. I’m not sure what elements or annointments tho I’d have to check

If u have one thats atleast 800 base dmg hmu