Too less recognition from GBX in forums?

Hey mates,

I really wonder, if it is just me or someone else is feeling like this. As for me, I feel like the devs / team of GBX shows way to less interest in the forum. There are several questions open, which seem to be completly ignored. Questions regarding T2 Skins/Taunts, Revamps, Scoring-System in campaign (…)

I know, in the next battleplan they will talk about how scoring works and that might indeed be the case since the question(s) came up pretty often, but i rarely see any “red posts”.

Imho, a huge step in having a good community, is to have interaction between players + devs. Dungeon Defenders (1+2) are awesome communities. The Team almost response to every thread which asks for help, provides feedback or ideas on how to improve something.

I’m missing that here :confused:

I’m not asking to have a response to every therad or post, but every then and when, it just feels good to have at least the evidence, that an idea / question / feedback is recognized and forwarded (or maybe already adressed and currently in development).

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Devs have stated that they are planning on revamping the Score system. Not much else to say bout the topic, really.
I would like some comments on the score bubbles, though.

Many Devs post here on regular bases, its just hard to miss such posts in the vastness of posts here.
At the moment alot is to fix, discuss and do, before the launch you saw more red-posts here, so I guess most Devs are busy with work.

Use the “Dev Tracker” on the topbar to find posts from Devs

I rarely came across a better forum and company when it came to fan-relations, I´m kinda surprised you had even better experiences elsewhere :wink:

If you want to see the devs responses you can just click the Dev Tracker link at the top right of the main page. They do answer questions but they don’t often answer the same question in every thread that pops up with that same question. Some questions they are hesitant to answer because they don’t have answers to those questions yet.

There are some questions that their marketing department will not allow them to answer, especially when there are dates involved. Things change during development and so often things are delayed. If they aren’t 100% sure when something is going to be released then they tend to keep quiet. Announcing a date and then missing that deadlines just brings people to their doorstep with torches and pitchforks.

At any rate the developers talk about what they can talk about (and something maybe some of the things they shouldn’t be talking about) and stay quiet about the rest. If they’re not certain about something then the most you might get is that it’s being looked into or they’re working on it or it’s on its way.

For instance I know Ambra’s sunspots are being worked on. But that’s it. I don’t know what’s being done with her sunspots or when that change will go live. I know they were trying out a few ideas but that’s it. They could tell me that they were doing a, b or c and then end up changing things before releasing it so then people get upset when they get d, e or possibly f instead of the a, b or c they were expecting.

At any rate the developers are not obligated to communicate with us at all. They do so because they choose to. They let us know what they can. They’re often really excited about what they are working on but can’t tell us because it’s not ready yet.

Edit: and Ganjamira ninja’s me on the link while I was correcting some typos and adding a few more lines. :confounded:

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Maybe posts could be markes as “Seen By a Dev” marker so that people would stop feeling like they are being ignored :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Or maybe they’d start feeling even more ignored… huh…)
They don’t have the time to respond to everything (and as Kailedo said, they might not be able to) but I trust that they are reading as many topics as they can, and problems aren’t being ignored.

Though I was a little surprised that a problem that’s been brought up since the BETA was only now mentioned to be sent to the UI team, even when Jythri had commented on it on another topic. A matter of miscommunication between them, most likely? Was the problem brought up with the UI team when the complaint first arose, or just now?

This forum software doesn’t have the facility to show to everyone who has read a post (dev or otherwise). The only way would be to comment in a thread. With a myriad of threads, it’d take too much time for them to comment on many of them, time that could be better spend developing the game further.

I agree that I’d like the devs to be a bit more open. They definitely do keep up a regular presence here, but only regarding very specific subjects, and their posts are generally vague at best. I’m also a bit spoiled, as having spent a decent amount of time on the Evolve/Turtle Rock Studios forums has shown me what I think is essentially the pinnacle of dev-community relations. Over there, members from all areas of expertise of Turtle Rock are active daily (writers, character designers, the founders, telemetry and data people, etc), and they regularly hint, tease, and preview balance changes. They take feedback from the community directly into consideration, and post telemetry data directly from their system to help people understand the game and potential changes. Any bug you bring to their attention that they already didn’t know about is acknowledged and replicated if possible.

So I’m spoiled in that regard. But Batteborn is only a month old. If, say, 1-3 months from now Gearbox is still keeping their cards close to their vest, I’ll be upset. As it stands, I’m more than happy to sit back and let them balance the game around how it should be played, as played by paying customers (rather than balancing based heavily on beta data, which featured a bunch of people who didn’t know what they were doing, playing because hey it was free).

It was meant more as a joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The first two weeks we had a lot of inputs on what was coming. Now they are working on such things. It takes time. Each Thursday, we get input on what they could accomplished in a week. If you are waiting for an update they talked about a few weeks ago, then you can only conclude that it takes time work on and to polish.

I think we have an enormous amount of feedback from GBX. But at some point, they can’t just reply to every topic with : “We hear you. No ETA yet. Be patient”


than you should join some forums of games in early acess . this is the worst forum i have ever been to. yes there is the dev tracker but that doesn t solve the problem that there are no responses to most threads. btw fan relations is kind of a stupid word to use here . better would be player relations. but that may be the problem of this forum they answer to threads of fans, not to the threads of people, who complain about parts of the game. and they give nearly no data to the community as if they have to hide it . hom about a community kit with the stats of each battleborn (health shield dmg reload speed mag size …)form lvl 1 to 10 data about the creeps, shards, loot rates, etc . exp gains …

Also keep in mind everyone a lot of things are not that simple to answer, some they need to talk to marketing, somethings are not 100% and they cannot comment on it right away.

It would be great to live in the world where they could just answer everything right away but sadly its not that simple.

Then I can only congratulate you on your positive experiences in these other forums. For many this is the most civil they visited so far.

Simply not true. The Devs don´t reply to every ranty feedback post, thats true. But if you recherche on the DevTracker you´ll see that many complaints have been adressed and got replies. Even topics from “people” not fans, who complaint rather harshly.

Most important complaints were raised in the very first days after launch, so many topics you find new here are basically redundant. They don´t have to answer every “Gal is OP” or´"Matchmaking sucks" topic & post if they already answered and adressed such issues earlier.


This is by far the best forum I’ve been to. The devs regularly post things on here regarding our feedback. No they wont post on every single thread complaining about something but that’s because they don’t want to have to repeat themselves over and over, I don’t blame them.

I hate to tell ya but the GBX fans that are here are some of the most critical of the game. The difference is they post respectfully and not just bash the game because it was a few problems. This games not perfect but it is unbelievably fun n isn’t that what’s important creating a fun game.

This community is great the devs try to get info out when they can, the people here are mostly friendly and helpful if you need any advise. Even if you say your leaving this game for the other game(who’s name I wont mention its been said to many times lol) there will be people wishing you good luck and genuinely hoping you have a good experience with that game. Try that in the other forum you will get hated on sooooo much. At the end of the day everybody here are gamers and we want everybody to enjoy gaming weather you enjoy this game with us or not.

O and I actually like the idea of putting the characters stats somewhere in game


A lot of these things they see but don’t respond too because they are trying to work on a solution to it.