Too little too late - still major issues

So they have said they will add more bank,then more bank further down the line.

I currently have about 12 mules, this is ridiculous. I have to spin up a new toon if I want to keep anything now.

I’m out, not even going to play bloody harvest while we’re still seeing massive bugs, MORE weapons added while we can’t even store what we have, balancing issues like iron bear which have yet to be addressed outside “extra health” which does little to nothing to make you want to peashoot enemies in MH3.

Hell MH4 is now being released, so expect it to be even more useless when that comes outs.

Seriously gearbox, you’re losing players daily because you haven’t prioritised major issues with your game.

Your events have been a joke so far and I for one will be playing Outer worlds until some of the more core things are resolved - bank space and Iron bear should have been rolled out instantly. It would have been better to make him OP rather than do nothing like they have been.

Ridiculous how much goodwill from BL2 has been pissed away so quickly by an incompetent team this time around.


yes that is ridicuous…why are you a hoarder…do we need to have an intervention?


I fail to see how you can NOT be a hoarder in a looter shooter.

Clearly you never played any Diablo game in the past…

200 legs with annoitments… christ you could use a bank of 800 just to cover each one and each toon. Now add in elemntal variation…

I mean its all pointless, its a game. Why are you even playing this game? Just use one of these 3 viable builds, don’t diversify or test any other weapons - just use whatever twitch says to use right?

No, its a looter shooter and I want to store my good loot…


I mean…I find the guns I like the most…and use them or keep them…for instance I dont like the volcano sniper rifle…so I sell it, but I test every legendary I get


And thats good for you, but nearly EVERYONE has said they want more bank space.

Its cool you have one build you like, good for you. Most of us would like to keep each quest item & red text item.

It’s like pokemon - you gotta catch them all

I have 3 mules of class mods and relics, due to not finding the combo I want yet, but the rest are useful in their own right, just not for the build I am using right now.

hell, it would help soooooooooo much if we could have at least 1 other load out swap mechanic


and we wil lget more bank space, just be patient

The point is though, they have given us MORE things to farm, when from day 1 we have complained about bank space.

The problems run so much deeper though but I guess we have to cut the devs some slack, these issues only come out after we test their product for them I guess.


and I doubt they thought people would be keeping every legendary they come accross, and the annoitments…well I dont use and my build is just fine

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That is the absolute nail on the head:

“I doubt they thought people would be keeping every legendary”

That sums up this teams mindset. They didn’t think players would want to keep the unique guns, they didn’t think mayhem mode through, they didn’t think. Full stop.

I love the game, i think it has potential. Just was released 3-4 months early. It should have been an Xmas release with all the bug fixing and balancing from testing. But alas… we paid for early access.

I now know why it was on Epic and not steam, as if it had been on steam people would have refunded almost instantly - my PC was restarting every 5 mins from this game (top end PC BTW)

I and others I play with, feel so let down with this product we are already playing other things after waiting years, months of hype this is a huge letdown this game so far.


They’re called Collectors. They are a major demographic of gaming. Collectors in loot games operate under the following motivations:

  • Achievement - Completion: They want to collect everything! They want one of each of every gun for their trophy room, because then they can say they did it. It’s a point of pride to show they put in the work and now have a full collection.
  • Achievement - Power: The more weapons they have, the greater the pool they have to draw from to get more powerful. As the company nerfs or buffs guns, having a greater library to draw from guarantees you will always be prepared and powerful for any new content.
  • Creativity- Discovery: The more guns you can hold, the more you can experiment with new builds, new combos, and otherwise just have fun with the mechanics. Tired of your build? Cool, I can put together 15 others in a second.
  • Creativity - Design: I want all the gear because I want to constantly customize myself and feel different from the rest of the playerbase.

I mean, there’s literal data and demographic science behind this:

And all of those motivations are generally found to be medium to high in pretty much any looter game.

So nobody should be surprised that players will want to collect and need the inventory space to do so. Please stop insulting people because they have different motivations than you.


first of all…that was a joke, based on the op collecting so many items

Yeah, it’s super funny! Especially when anyone that asks for more vault space has multiple replies immediately making the same joke. That doesn’t get tired or feel insulting at all.

What other funny jokes can we make up to belittle the requests of other users for other issues next time?


Which clearly fall flat - read the room next time?

Serious point though, its quite bad to see the direction BL3 has gone in, they haven’t learnt from BL2 and instead seem to have replaced a majority of staff.

The writing is sub par, the bosses are meh, the stages aren’t great and generally feels quite meh compared.

Each time a patch comes out :slight_smile:

  • No iron bear work
  • No bank space
  • No Zane fixes

Etc, etc

“We’re listening” - but nothing is actually done but future promises, we have nothing to do for the now apart from play like 2 at best playstyles per toon (bar Amara, who is OP and thats because the main balance guy mains her so obvs he is going to make her perfect/OP)


Holly guacamole, I just imagined scrolling down the bank with 800 items. :skull_and_crossbones: I am playing on PS4 and that shait is slow as fork even with 50 items! I move down and the bank screen is freezed in place until I move back a bit or wait for a while… :smiley:

If they just made it a list without 3D icons, or made tabs with only 50 per tab (like DIablo), it would fix a ton of issues.

But for some reason, they constantly think that little 3D icons are more important than the performance of their game and the experience of their players.


Or that players might recognize the gun itself more than the name.

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I just don’t understand that they could release it with this things in! :smiley: The whole UI is slow on consoles, it takes seconds just to switch tabls from inventory to map etc. which should be instantly and it’s annoying as F***! I mean, how is this even possible? Did they even test it? Who TF thought this is ok? It’s mindblowing for me…

Are there really players like that, who recognize the gun icon more than the name? Do you do that?

Like no joke, I’ve never heard of that, and so many of the guns look really similar, especially non-oranges.

I can’t imagine it’s a majority of players but now I’m intrigued.

It’s just quicker than reading. And they try to make it feel a bit like the inventory menu by sharing a similar design and theme. They probably thought it’d feel out of place if they make it different, but different might be what it needs to be.

I think you responded to the wrong person. :laughing: I’m the one who literally posted Quantic Foundry data supporting everything you are saying right here.

And I not only can imagine it, I’ve made 9 mules myself, and I’m on console, so I couldn’t just copy and paste like the PC people :frowning:

Are you responding to me responding to the guy about how I can’t imagine people using icons to navigate through the bank instead of text? Was not about collecting. Be cool.

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