Too Many Annoying NPCs around the Quick-Change Station in Sanctuary

Gearbox, please reduce or eliminate the people pounding on the Quick-Change Station in Sanctuary, and while you’re at it, can you move or get rid of the creature that is constantly running around in the area. It’s charming for the first few times you see it, but after hundreds of times, it just makes me want to blow it away with one of my dozens of guns.



Yes! I can’t figure out why that npc has to be there banging on the quick change station. Wish I could shoot ‘em.

And if I’m honest, I may or may not have taken pot shots at the eden6 dinosaur thingy. Lol


The worst part is when your in your room and your going through your guns and one wonders in

3 seconds later
4 seconds later
3 seconds later

Me: stops everything im doing to walk 10 feet further inside/outside my room.
30-45 seconds elapse and the NPC leaves
go back to my storage

10 seconds later

Be nice if they said their piece and left, instead they stand still hassling you


I get more annoyed at Fl4k’s pet around the Quick Change… And the Lost Loot machine…

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His build got nerfed and he needs to respec but has no cash to do it.

Have some sympathy!


I wish there was no collision with NPC in sanctuary. The amount of times I’m trapped in my room by one (OR TWO) of them has not been few. Then there’s me trying to get up a flight of stairs and they stop midway, no way to go around them.

Only NPC I tolerate is an Edenian Civilian that is always spouting witchy stuff. I find it endearing…
All other NPCs, especially the dude who is always “yelling at the top of his lungs”, can go to Heck.


It is even worse at the slot machines. Too bad the fail grenade cannot help with that.

I was blocked from going into the hangar to get on the drop pod and had to run around the entire ship to get the other entrance. And the constant jabbering of NPC’s made me start turning the sound off when near Marcus’s shop.

@Noelle_GBX - Is there anyway to pass this onto the dev team? Should be pretty simple for them to stop NPC’s having collision, it’s a pretty annoying feature. And limit their speech a bit…


Did you know that if somehow you accidentally send yourself into fight for your life on Sanctuary, if an NPC is nearby they will revive you. Also on planets too. I didn’t know this until I was test firing a rocket launcher on Sanctuary and blew myself up. So the NPCs have some tiny bit of use.

But yes, they are many still annoying, especially when they stand in the doorway of my room and I can’t get in or out. Grrr.

That would be awesome.

Hey Moxxie, did you get the bar repainted? The walls are all red.
Nay, that’s just the blood of some fool playing the slots for too long.

There is worse, like the one at the Marcus vending machines that repeats its lines over and over and yells at you from 10m away or also the ones that like to stand in the door of your room so that you can’t leave or enter it. There seriously should be an option TO CLOSE MY ROOM, Hell I need some privacy sometimes and don’t want silly loud grunting creatures and NPCs going in and out there.

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Lol. I would for sure gift him some money if he would only trade with me!

Not positive, but the ones banging on the windows, walls, and machines are supposed to be showing grief about the death of a character. That is when you started to see them around the ship, if I am remembering correctly.

Amen to that