Too many cheat since 2 week -_-

Hi, sorry this post was be write in french my english is too limited and 0 international forum

Depuis environs 2 semaines 1 partie sur 3 n’est juste plus jouable la faute à quoi ? aux magiciens des AIM bot, il devient soulant de voir des légions de marqui avec des précisions à 300% qui en plus tire à travers les murs et les boucliers des tank genre boldur ou galiléa (ils ne se cachent même plus)… -_- là on parle des plus flagrant, de plus depuis plusieurs jours, bizarrement, certains joueurs son bien plus rapide dans leur déplacement et ceci des lvl 1 (aucun skill ou stuff pour la mobilité)… là aussi sa commence à sentir le speed hack, des futurs Usain Bolt en herbe … cerise sur le cadeau quand vous consulter leurs profiles steam le 3/4 on déjà eu des ban vac étrange non ?

Donc voilà au lieu d’implémenter votre jolie boutique de skin/emote et de prendre modèle sur le système eco de league of legend (votre jeu n’est pas gratuit hein !!!) vous devriez faire le ménage et de façon sérieuse et ne pas juste taper sur les doigts, le 100% de précision c’est impossible dans un FPS, trop d’aléatoire surtout ici vue le bordel des combats à certain moment …

Votre jeu est déjà bien déserté par les joueurs donc si vous laissé proliférer ce genre de problème vous allez finir comme un division c’est à dire aux oubliettes car plus jouable.

Voilà message d’un petit frenchi qui aime bien ce jeu mais qui n’en peu plus là.

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Um… totally? I 100% agree and/or disagree with this post…

What i think he said.

"Since about 2 weeks 1 part 3 is just more playable fault with what? magicians AIM bot, it becomes soulant to see Marqui legions with details 300% which increasingly draws through walls and gender tank shields Boldur or Galilea (they hide even more) … - _- there talking about the most obvious, more for several days, oddly, some players a much faster in their movement and this lvl 1 (no skill or stuff for mobility) … there’s also starting to feel the speed hack, future Usain Bolt budding … icing on the gift when you consult their profiles steam 3/4 we already had vac ban strange no?

So that instead of implementing your pretty skin shops / emote and be modeled on the system of eco league of legend (your game is not free eh !!!) you should do the cleaning and responsibly, and do not just slap on the wrist, the 100% accuracy is impossible in a FPS, especially here too random for the brothel fights at some point …

Your game is already deserted by players so if you are allowed to grow this kind of problem you will end up as a division that is forgotten because more playable.

That message from a small frenchi who likes this game but do little m"

Other MOBA’s have automatic replays, curious why there isn’t one for Battleborn? It would be a lot easier to root out cheaters through replays than to expect someone to go out of their way to record definitive video proof.

I kind of wish i could offer imput, but the only French i know is “Omelette Du Fromage!”.

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If you suspect any hackers, pm JoeKGBX.

"Since the last two weeks or so, one game out of three is completely unplayable. It’s become unbearable to witness legions of Marquis with 300% accuracy, shooting through walls and even some shield abilities like Boldur’s or Galilea. Those are only the most ovious cases : oddly, some players seem way faster when moving even from level 1 - no mobility abilities or gear involved. Smelling like speed hacks, future Usain Bolt maybe ? Icing on the cake, when you go and have a look at their Steam Profile, half of them already got VAC bans.

So, instead of adding a marketplace and copying LoL economic model ( you game isn’t free by the way ! ) maybe you should do some serious cleaning and not just send reminders ; 100% accuracy is impossible in a shooter game, too much randomness here in BB especially with the clusterf*ck combats can quickly become.

Players have already quite left the game, so if you let cheats and hacks spread you will end up like The Division, quickly forgotten because it became unplayable.

So yeah, just a lil’french guy sending a message your way because he likes the game, but can’t take it anymore."

So please excuse my translation it’s a rough pass. Just helpin’, y’know. All that stuff.
Mostly the tone seems frustrated because of the cheats and hacks. I can’t say myself as I don’t recall seeing speed hacks yet, but it may exist. Obivious aimbots are obvious though.