Too many Fl4k Mods from Tyrant of Instinct

I have been running the Trial of Instinct as Moze a couple times now during the Trials Take-All Mini Event, and i sadly notice: i barely get any Classmods for Moze there.

I really wanted to farm a good Bear Trooper Class Mod (dont ask my why), but in my 10 first runs so far, i only got 2 Bear Troopers Mods, which is sad given the fact that the Tyrant currently drops consistently 3 Class Mods each time he is slain.

Its frustrating to see so many Fl4k Classmods Drop from him, even though im clearing the Trial as Moze.
I wish this is getting fixed asap, i really hate to see Gear Drop that cant even be equipped by the VH i am playing as.
Especially after a M4 Trial that takes a couple of Minutes to complete.