Too many guns? How to handle it?

With billions of guns in advertised in BL3, what are the odds of getting a really cool (maybe even a favorite) gun at level 16 and then never seeing it again for the rest of all your characters?

I don’t know if crafting is the solution, and the bank definitely only goes so far, but what if there were a digistruct kiosk that you could input any gun, for a cost, and for an additional cost digistruct a level appropriate version of it? Maybe even on different characters on your account.

I will likely never see every gun, but it would be nice to know I can always have at least one gun i will like.

The point of borderlands is to use every gun. We don’t need a way to turn a lvl 5 legendary into a max lvl one. Go farm like everyone else


This. And I am pretty sure that farming for your favorite gear again will be part of the endgame.


Has been for the other 3 games, i really hope 3 doesn’t change it

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They are not changing the core game.

Farming for parts however will be interesting.

Beofe you had body, barrel, stock, grip, sight, acc, and element. So 7 parts.

Now you have all that but accessories are on the parts and some parts can have multiple accessories.

Then you have new parts like rails, fore grips, hammers, etc…

It’s going to be interesting, but my first thought is that farming for the perfect gun with one set of parts will most likely open up for more variation on parts.


So a whole new level of min/maxing basically? I’m ok with that

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Yeah to put it lightly

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Find let alone use all of billions of guns? If there were one million guns in one of the other borderlands games there would still be 1000x more in this one.

Have you ever played warframe? Have you ever tried farming for a whole frame? It can take hundreds of hours just to get the one you want. Unlike warframe, BL3 probably won’t allow you to fork out $20 for exactly what you want (which I hope doesn’t happen)

I’m not opposed to farming, but this could easily be dungeon crawler level of commitment. That is not what Borderlands is about either.
I’m merely proposing an option to reel it in. I’m sure achievements and or badass rank challenges for getting X number different named guns in the kiosk would appeal to players too.