Too many instances of loot in trials

Developers: I really hope you have time to read through this thread as a suggestion:

And make the proper changes in the following patches of the game



Would prefer filters, but a simple suggestion would be: Add a “trial bank” over the items dropped in the trial is just a way better solution to reduce these framdrops at this point. And would be so much easier to go through. Should be an easy fix aswell.

Recently i’d been dying a lot in the later rounds because there is just too many legendaries that are blocking my view. I main Moze so imagine the explosions plus these legendary noise. Someone is hitting at me and I cant see where in the world the heck the enemy is.


Option for loot beam intensity would be great. Not for loot, but in Risk of Rain 2, there is option to remove corpses when camera is turned away. Seems useless at first but in later level, when ground is filled with dead enemies, it is more for clarity that for performance, because action ramps up and awareness is crucial.

Same applies to Borderlands 3s loot beams, bullet traces and explosions.

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Obstruction of vision can be an useful mechanic in itself (look at tactical shooters).

I hope that when graphical capabilities improve, there will be a game that will make more of it - dust in the room after explosion takes longer to settle, smoke from molotov remains in less dense form, any part of building can fall and remain.

These details might make more of a cinematic feel without making black bars and capping game at 30 fps like some infamous game did.

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w/e I just love your profile pic <3

Yea, I have also posted a thread about this

A loot filter would be so awesome
Also for speed farming purples and stuff
Not always looking at everything lying around and especially in things like slaughters

About the game breaking orange beams tho, I don’t know xD
Drop rates are probably a problem here xD

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When you get too many items on the map, the game stops spawning ammo in crates and your power up drops stop coming from shields. E.g., the big boom blaster will eventually stop dropping for you.

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o.o thats critical