Too many Leeroy Jenkins

Don’t you love watching teammates charge straight at a mob of enemies by themselves instead of sticking with the team? I guess this goes for story and versus. On advanced difficulty with 4-5 players the enemies are tougher.

Focus fire is extremely important, but instead of doing something smart players just run past the group of enemies your team is fighting to go take on the rest of them up ahead by themselves. Then they die and people try to go over to revive their dumbasses but they die in the process. Before you know it your team’s out of lives and people start rage quitting.

Ugh I’m never going to unlock Ghalt.


i actully love seeing players like that die its pretty fun you know? and to unlock ghalth just get some friends with BB or level up

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On the flipside, it aggravates the hell out of me having spineless teammates in versus. We have Rath, Gal, Miko and 2 whatever and they seem content to let the enemy team of all ranged just pick at us at their leisure.



Me and my friend can run advanced by ourselves pretty easily without dying. But it takes too long with just two people and makes silver/gold ranking harder to get :frowning:

I don’t know, when I’m playing a character I am terrible at (like El Dragon usually), it’s kind of fun just to go “YOLO!” and charge in, doing as much damage as you can, die, and go do it again once you respawn.


…I find it very frustrating on Advanced random teams.
Your team rushes in, goes down, then blames you for not trying to help.
IMHO it seems like the devs made it so if we help in Adv mod we get killed with our team.

i genuinely couldnt care less, i charge into the enemy myself… its a videogame lol who cares.

The inexperienced Leeroys will get weeded out as they’ll be too deep in to get revived and feel like they’re not having fun. Then if/when they get more experience with how to deal with the AI they’ll come back better than ever in future games.

The YOLO Leeroys will never stop, and they will always love it. ;D

If you see someone way too deep to save, just leave them and stick to playing smart yourself with anyone else who knows where to go and what to focus. Let people screw up and learn from it, and watch and chuckle safely from a distance.

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Also should add that I only YOLO in PVP, PVE not so much since I have a goal besides “not completely sucking”

I really understand you. U need some Tactic for this Game, no matter if PvE or PvP. But most Gamers are givin’ no f***s and speeding in & then Rage quitting. WHY?! I don’t understand that People, though.

If u want to play a Good Game in PvE, u need a Team. There is no use for random advandced at all.

So you enjoy wasting time by failing missions, missing out on rewards, just so you can have fun while dying? Don’t mean to be rude but… this isn’t CoD you know…

thats right it isnt cod, a game i havent played since modern warfare 1.
That means that even if you lose you still get rewards.

I dont have fun dieing i have fun playing, and idc about what kind of meta rules people think up for themselves. I play this game to relax not to tense up.

Ah, when a low level Pheobe decides to just start charging in attacking the enemy surrounded by everything and everyone and then blames the rest of the team for sucking, when the Pheebs keeps feeding the enemy and making sure the rest of the team can’t catch up in levels and is always a man down… The joy.

How I love Multiplayer.

If your game tactic is to just go berserk and die all the time, making your team fail the mission, and that’s your definition of fun, go play solo pve or pvp against bots. If you are allowed to have fun with the game, so should everyone else. And what you are doing is making the experience bad for everyone else but you.

Especially if you dare insult other people because of your shortcomings.

Then you’d have loved playing with this guy:

He was with teammates, who apparently let him get ganked. Though he should have backed off if he wanted to survive that ordeal… But not quite a Leeroy Jenkins :stuck_out_tongue:

(Love that taunt though… :grin: )

I have to honestly say that I have found myself too far in to enemy lines a few times, though I am not usually actively thinking “Ooo lets rampage in to enemy lines”

What usually takes me in there is chasing a pesky Battleborn with a sliver of health, most people seem to run as soon as they start taking damage, such wussies :grin:

lol, I spent 30 minutes in a game with that fellow… I can assure you, this was not an isolated event, it was just at the point that we’d stopped trying to save him… you’ll notice none of us committed to standing on that platform for a reason, and he just sprinted up, right to the edge (where the sentry can blast him) and starts shooting, didn’t disengage and pull up his wards… or dash… or check his surroundings at all…

In the immortal words of Ron White: You can’t fix stupid.

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Yeah, that’s how Moba’s work… making your enemy retreat from the front lines is a victory… so, if you’re chasing into their lines and dying, you’re turning your small win, into their large win.

Every time I see a Phoebe, I think “oh no. not again”.

And sure enough, at the end of the game, she has like 14 deaths.

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i love watching people on the renegade the bridge yeah that i love watching them run into the giant plane they clearly see while it shoots them up in the air