Too many loot levels dropping

Playing at a high mayhem level, there is just WAY too many “levels” of loot available, 90% of which aren’t even worth looking at.
Put it this way:

  • Gearbox have previously stated that each rarity level (white, green, blue, purple, orange) is equivalent to 2 game levels. So a level 50 blue is the same as a level 48 purple and a level 52 green.
  • An anointment on an item can be a huge power increase, adding up to 100% damage in many cases. Up to 300% in some. Or as little as 0 or 20%. Thus, it’s at least equivalent to around 10 levels (at my best estimate).
  • Each mayhem level increases damage by around 1 level.

Thus, at max level, if we assume a white, unanointed, M0 gun is the “true” level 57, then the highest level would be an orange, anointed (with a good anointment), M10 gun, which would be “level” 86.
That’s 29 levels higher!
So at M10, we have to wade through 29 possible levels of loot dropping, for each type of item (including grenades etc, after the next patch). And that’s before we even deal with the RNG of each individual level.
And, dropping even a few levels leaves us with VASTLY underpowered gear, by comparison.

Really, we need for lower mayhem level gear to not drop (removing 10 levels). We need all items to be anointed and for those anointments to all be decent enough to consider using (not necessarily all equal in power, but far less than a 300% difference in power), which I’m hoping will happen since gearbox have stated they’re looking to rebalance the anointments (thus removing another 5-10 levels).
Ideally, we’d also remove white and green loot, which is NEVER useful. It can’t spawn with red text (except the echo-2) and has nothing interesting that isn’t also in blue or purple. (Thus, removing 2 move levels).
[Even if the “luck” skill worked the way players think it should, with each point in luck massively lowered the white drop rate, somewhat lowering the green drop rate, slightly lowering the blue drop rate, slightly raising the purple drop rate and somewhat raising the orange drop rate, that would be great, as once we have a high guardian rank, and pop some points in luck, this would happen anyway.]

The result would be loot dropping from around 7 possible levels, making it easy to sort through and hopefully find something good.