Too many nerfs. We need more buffs!

I’m glad to see that Gearbox is working hard to try to address some balance issues but in general nerfs are not fun! I’d rather see buffs! For example, as someone who has enjoyed playing Galilea I agree her damage numbers were simply too high and needed to be toned down.

However, people actually got really good at fighting her. So this week a hotfix to nerf her damage(again) comes out and when the next patch comes out she will be nerfed yet again. I think as people learned how to fight her she was already not as strong as she once was and I am afraid the next batch of nerfs will remove her from the meta almost entirely. She still has a good amount of utility and she is the only hero that can negate healing so maybe I’m wrong.

But can we see some buffs? Not on Galilea but in general? I’m good with nerfing Galilea’s damage but she doesn’t feel as tanky as the other tanks. I’m just worried that there will be a new character that will come out and everyone will grab their pitchforks and that character will be nerfed into the ground too. Perhaps that is just the nature of trying to balance games. At the end of the day I’m thankful that Gearbox is active in the community and listening to feedback.

For what it’s worth I do think the changes to Galilea were mostly needed (although I’m not sure about the upcoming changes to Desecrate) but I’m concerned when I see a hotfix come out that is 100% just nerfs to characters with more nerfs on the horizon. Where are the buffs?


Do you have proof of this?

Who would you buff? they havent been that many people complaining about weak character apart for wf and maybe attikus but he really strong late game. Its alot easier to nerf 1 or 2 characters then buff 23 others. Even if they did you would just be rising the time to kill of the game and people might not like that.

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On the fourm one of the devs sqid we are not done with gal yet.
They reworking her as just as to many great points pull, stun, slience, life steal, health regen which couldnt be removed in a hotfix.

Can’t break her enough in my opinion. Her kit is bloated as hell, utility on top of damage on top of sustain on top of CC etc.

I’d love for them to straight up remove certain effects from her abilities, buff to compensate and free up those effects to be used in future BB kits.

I certainly think Whiskey could use a buff, but I think he’ll start to see improvement after more nerfs have arrived. I think he simply needs a small increases to his damage in general, and a moderate increase the scrap cannon damage. Or give scrap cannon push back and replace the helix with +damage option. Currently the cannon is useless without upgrades.

I’d also like to see a minor buff to Toby, and it can even be a placebo… I just want to see more of him. lol. I don’t know if he’s bad, but he is rare.

I agree with the other commenters that a few nerfs spread around through most of the top tier characters is mostly all we need. Aren’t a lot of buffs necessary, most of the weaker characters will not feel weak when the OP characters aren’t being OP.

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I think they should just remove her ability to attack while sprinting. With the recent nerfs her damage output seems fine, if they remove this ability she would be a perfect balanced character. Do u agree with me?


I think her damage was not the issue its her stun/silence/pull you cant fight all of those cc sure she was strong but she was perfect and that was her issue

And a little love for whiskey would be appreciated! :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t imagine it’s that he’s weak, I’m sure it’s more to do with the fact that he’s… strange… he doesn’t really fit into a typical role, he’s big, but he’s squishy, he’s got long-range mechanics and up close mechanics, and I’d say there’s a pretty big cap to learning to play him.

Most people just want to grab him and play him like he’s marquis though, and when they try to play that way, Toby will underperform. He’s much better at mixing the two, moving in to deliver stuns using shields aggressively and passively.

I frequently find myself using him just behind my team as they push, and then setting up a shield, while blasting un-charged rail shots, and using the mine to make sure we hold the area (hence the territorial moniker) Then switching to long-range charged shots when I get the chance.

But every toby I run into wants to just sit in the back and snipe… but with his hit box, and your reliance on that giant “hey, I’m over here” shield, he just gets pushed out by any decent marquis.


What do you mean her stun/silence/pull?

She throws her shield and it stuns for 2 seconds. They nerfed the damage, which is good. Idk what silence or pull you are referring to. Unless she has some crazy helix mutation, she doesn’t have a lot of CC.

I think removing her sprinting melee attacks should have been the first thing they did. Maybe it’s complicated.

Yeah her mutions give her des field pull amd slience.

The fact that he is strange really is why they should make him better. This includes all the strange characters.

I don’t like playing strange characters, in fact, if you look at the list I usually play, they are all humans. The less human, the less inclined I am to play with them. I don’t think I’m alone. And making the less popular characters a tad, slightly bit powerful is good, imho. They will be picked up more frequently and thus add to the variety.

Ideally, you want every character to be selected equally. 4%, I suppose?

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I’ve seen some monstrous Toby’s. Vomit out the damage haha.

Speaking of Marquis though, I often find myself wondering why I would ever use his ult when I can just normal shot over and over again, faster and for more damage(on crits) and hit way more reliably then a slow moving ult.

I think they need to buff it or something…no reason to use it right now.

Oh, that’s a super nice combo. Pull in and they are silenced and can’t use escapes. That’s awesome xD I like that.

Definitely do not remove that, that’s super cool. That’s not OP either. Not if she can’t sprint attack and doesn’t do OP damage. The reason she is OP is because her damage allowed her to do way too much with her CC.

I’m sure you’re not alone… there are lots of people who like to be nice, and secure, and boring. There’s a bunch of them playing this call of duty game I heard about, everyone just runs around looking the same shooting guns that pretty much act the same…

Heck no they don’t need to buff characters just because they’re odd, I LOVE that there’s a high learning curve to so many characters in this game. WF has become one of my favorites, Toby is ridiculously fun, and Atticus is a monster, if you start changing them just because people find them odd, then they’re going to run over everything.

I’ve never even seen anyone use his ult…

Right? It’s terrible.

I can’t even make use of it reliably in Story mode lol.

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I think you’re a little confused about what I said.

I love Whiskey, he is my favorite. I don’t want to be nice, secure, and boring. I don’t want everyone to run around looking the same. That’s exactly why I want to see more Toby. I don’t like playing him, but I’ve only see him used against me twice. TWICE. I’d like to see more of him. That’s all. In my experience, when a character isn’t being used a lot, making them a little more powerful will fix that. I didn’t say change him.

I love the high learning curve, too. High learning curve has nothing to do with whether a character is strange or not, I’m not sure where your logic is coming from. I’m not saying to buff all of the strange characters. But, any who are being used less than 1% of the time.

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With regards to Galilea they are removing her ability to attack while sprinting – which is fine since she is the only character that can do this apparently. I believe her Desecrate is also only going to apply effects on activation of the skill instead of it taking effect when characters enter the field. This is meant to let other melee characters beat on her. I am reserving judgement on that change till I see it in practice. I have a feeling other melee’s will be able to bully her quite a bit though. As people unlock more and more characters I see less and less of Gal anyway. Starting to see way more Kelvin and Boldur.

Mostly the game seems balanced and I agree it’s easier to nerf the top characters then buff the others. But really no buffs? Toby’s ult needs work. Some helixes seem underwhelming to me. For instance I have a hard time understanding how some of Rath and Benedict’s Helix’s can be good, For Rath: the crossblade slow and shield steal are kinda weird and also the double jump. For Benedict, giving liftoff a 1 sec slow and the one that gives Liftoff a little bit of damage seem strange to me. Maybe I just need to experiment more! Often times I also feel characters peak at level 5, 6, or 7 and the level 10 Helix options I find to be lackluster in general. But maybe that’s me.

I just don’t think any character should have bad helix choices. That was one of the complaints for Galilea is she has too many options. I think other characters should have more options. For instance give other characters the chance to negate healing perhaps? Things like that.