Too many Oscar Mike's

Came across a few games where there have been more than 1 Oscar Mike. I spoke to some new players who have the free to play trial and they both couldn’t pick anybody other than Oscar Mike.

They’ve both stated that they have played the prologue. It seems like a strange bug that’ll deter players anyway before they’ve even got a chance to experience some other characters.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this issue and I haven’t seen it written anywhere else. I’m just going to tag some important people. @mereAtGBX


I think this can be with more than just mike. I was in a game with two mikos a couple days ago

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That is as amusing as it is horrifying. Amusing because Oscar Mike IS a clone, and the most noob-friendly character; horrifying because i can think of nothing worse to run into than a team of Oscar Mikes firing at one person and syncing their ults, to say nothing of their backdoor potential. It’s hard enough to stop one from doing it…



Yeah I had three on my team, it didn’t work too well because to have more than 1 the players have to be really new so they don’t know too much.

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Come to think of it now, ALL the invisiplayers on our invisiteam eventually turned out Oscar Mikes - every time!



Until some of the veteran teams read this very post that put the idea in their head, and make smurf accounts just to screw with the other vets, haha. If that happens, than what you thought was going to be a magnanimous attempt at mercy on your part will quickly turn into you trying to physically scrub away your memory of that match, as you cry in the shower. :smirk:


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Thanks for that idea cam… @HandsomeCam

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I’m pretty sure the triple Oscar Mike game I was referring to was against you?

Yeah I saw the triple OM. I thought it must have been a glitch or something so I didn’t think much of it.

I thought I was important to you… :frowning:

You feeling like an extra Oscar Mike, Ash? Hahaha…

Seriously someone fix this it’s weird