Too much CC in this game!

As the title says, I think this game suffers from way too much CC in a match (talking about Incursion in particular where it’s most noticeable.) Sometimes you get 4-5 stuns in a row which is ridiculous!

A good solution for this would be similar to something The Elder Scrolls Online did, players should become immune from CC’s for 1-2 seconds after recovering from one.

Also, for the love of god please tone down Alani’s CC’s! She stuns, she knocks up, she knocks back and she slows!! o_O

I think Alani’s release added more problems for the game. Simply put, my opinion is that Battleborn is a better game without Alani. That character needs a serious rework from the ground up.

/end rant.

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I have never experienced this nor seen this, what’s happening to cause 4-5 consecutive stuns? O.o

I wouldn’t say it’s “too much”, I would say it’s too long for that kind of action-packed game. I wouldn’t give 2 seconds stun to anything but ults with long cooldown, and all regular CC wouldn’t last longer than 1.5 seconds (and average CC time would be 1 seconds).

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Haha, just today I was
1.Popped up by a thrall
2.Popped up by Rath
3.Popped up by Alani
4.Then popped up by the thrall again
Thankfully I wasn’t killed.

That’s what happen when you get knocked up (which also stun <3 ) and then knocked up again (which happens all the time thanks to these new thrall abilities) and then get hooked into ghalt’s trap (easy hook to aim) and then something like miko’s spore

If only this gamemod had 2 lanes so we’re not 5 on one lane. That’s how I see the issue with incursion and the massive “wtf is happening, there are way too many units & abilities”

I would certainly support a hard CC limiter, to prevent chain stunning.

In related news, the thrall knockup needs another look. The range on that is ridiculous, both in range and direction.

I’ve been hit with that while standing way off in the distance, to the side of the thralls.

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Yeah I’m getting sick of being knocked up out of the blue because there’s a thrall half way across the map. I’m really starting to question the logic behind some of this game’s designs…

We need a “the more CC you take the more resistant you are to CC” mechanic.
Like after geting 2sec stun another 2 sec stun will only work for 1 sec and another stun for 0.75 or 0.5 sec.
I know this is a MOBA and it doesn’t make much sense but it would make more sense to not give stupid stun like galilea’s and miko’s.

Since the update this has been very noticeable and it does get annoying. Alani with the helix CDR behind Thrall fighting is terrible. Add in Rath, Atticus, Thorn and Mico on the other team…

It’s not just PvP either. I was playing on The Experiment at the second part defending the position from the thralls, when something did a knock up and myself and another went about 100yrds across the map. Subsequently we failed to defend the position…

A good notion - I think 2-3secs would be good.

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You know there is gear to reduce the CC time, right?
Too many people still go too much on full-dps instead of survivability.
With the right gear you can pretty much laugh about Alanis bubble, it doesn´t even last a second :wink:

You know, I’d actually forgotten about CC reduction gear. It always felt so useless that I’d sell a helmet before even looking at the stats.
I don’t feel that CC is a problem personally so I’ll continue to sell helmets, but this is a good suggestion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use CC reduction gear.

24% off a 2 second stun isn’t that much.

Considering that BB is a first person game, I’d say there is way too much CC going on. I understand why it’s there, but this isn’t a traditional MOBA where you command the character from a top down view. It gets super disorienting to experience all the CC yourself :confused: Thank god there’s no VR support :grin:

If we are taking away the control from the controller, what’s next? Take away the stealth from the assassins? The hp from the tanks (oh wait, they actually did that)? The healing from the healers (there are people that have demanded that too)?

I do think they should buff CC duration items. Maybe they could add some sort of limited immunity to those.

A good solution would be to actually improve the anti-CC gear… there should be %50 options out there, they’re way too weak.

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Nah, no need to completely remove CC! But there should be “mitigating returns” or better resistance gear. It can get a bit too much when a bunch of characters in one team have a lot of CC.

I think the -cc gear could be buffed to perhaps a max primary stat of -36% cc duration and a max secondary stat of -24% cc duration. That way a blue gear could give up to %50 reduction which would help with stuns quite a bit.

Edit: -21% primary and -14% secondary would be better for balance (you can’t use full cc gear to get cc immunity)

no need for 50% items… you already can get above it by using a helmet and some items with cc-duration as secondary stat.
If they get buffed too much it would be too strong and a must have in pvp instead of the actual diversity.
I bet these items will get more used once the game gets more competetive.

Right now it’s just like in every game… everyone goes for damage first… allways.
It takes some time until people try something different with more survivability.

If you stack multiple items you can get CC percentage down to %50…
Yeah, can you, please, show me a load out where you can get CC to %50? The “best” anti CC items only scale up to %13 or %14… and even the legendaries only add to that during specific conditions, and this is on top of an item that’s literally going to only assist you for 2 seconds at a time already during specific conditions.

Besides that, no character should ever have to stack three items just to reach %50 CC reduction… The trade-off you’d lose to health, or damage reduction, or attack power is horrible compared to what you get in CC reduction, and no character should have to stack three items in order to turn a 2 sec stun into a 1 sec stun. It certainly wouldn’t be a requirement, you’d still be a sitting duck.

The helmets are woefully under powered.

Even in competitive private matches, it’s more efficient to go with items that give you survivability and pick characters with tons of CC than to build any of the anti-cc items. Factor in that you can’t tell the enemy team’s comp at all in pubs and there’s literally no reason to build that gear there as it’s a gamble if it’ll even come in handy at all.

A legendary helmet should give you %50 CC reduction. It’s just ridiculous that you get like %14.

I agree that something should be done about the amount of stuns in this game, whether that be a temporary stun immunity, diminishing returns, a buff to CC reduction gear, or possibly some combination of the three.