Too much Heads Up Display (HUD)

Hello everyone,
I personally feel like there’s an excessive amount of HUD constantly on-screen and would like options to customize or toggle it off. What do you guys think?

The odd thing is: The PC-version actually has a HUD-scaling-option to make the HUD smaller or larger, but I’ve not seen that option on PS4, so my guess is that it’s also absent on XB1.

Maybe they could add it at some point. It would allow to reduce the size to a scale of 60%, which made some elements very tiny.

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That is odd, I’m confused as to why they would do that. :thinking: I love immersion in games and feel like B3 would feel great in that aspect if we were given the choice to toggle HUD, as well as create a new level of difficulty.

There’s a ‘HUD safe zone’ control; not sure what it does though - I just ran with the defaults for that.

HUD safe-zone basically adjusts the HUD-position relative to the edge of the screen. That setting is most often used on consoles as most TV-screens are either poorly calibrated (zoom turned on instead of full-screen-alignment) or the bezels are overlapping the actual screen-edges.

As such, the HUD safe-zone allows for tweaking of the HUD-edges so that elements aren’t hidden over the edge. That setting wouldn’t help OP, however, as that would just move the HUD further to the centre and make it appear even “bigger” as it’s closer to centre-view.

The struggle is real lol I know it seems like a minor problem but I love the world of Borderlands and feel like all of the HUD jammed in my face is a little more distracting than I’d like for it to be. I feel like a clean screen where it’s just my guns, enemies and the world could very well change the way the game feels.

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Yep. And I especially don’t like when you pick up / turn or complete a mission and the huge font covers your screen for 20 seconds.

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Agreed. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who has difficulties with the HUD, I hope they make the adjustment. I appreciate the feedback, keep it coming! :grin:

I agree so much. I really wish we could toggle the HUD…there’ve been some promotional videos with the HUD toggled off…why can’t we?

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@Wolfmeister101 I ask myself that question every time I play. Last night as I was fast traveling from Eden-6 to Sanctuary and back, and after I spawned the game was still loading everything on screen so for a brief 10 seconds the HUD was off and the game looked so much more epic! I so wish we had better HUD options so we could have different ways to play. Thanks for the response!

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