Too much loading! Help gearbox!

Every time i try to access to command screen on the xbox one, Battle born decides to crap its self and goes into a forever loading screen. I am new to posting on forums but if anyone has that same problem can you like try to get the devs to notice this. There are few people playing this game still and i do not want to be stuck in a loading screen with no backing out while we are selecting the map. But if any one know how to solve it message me on xbox one. Gamertag being MarioBro2000.

This is already a known issue by GBX.

The only way to currently avoid is before to back out all the way to the title screen before trying to access command.

Ex: you just finished a pvp/pve game. You cannot access command until you back out of your game to the title menu. Once you you log back in, you will be able to access command. If you try to access the command menu without going back to the title screen, you will be stuck on an infinite loading screen and your only option is to dashboard out and completly reload the game.

I believe this issue started when Pendles was released. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next full patch. It is a very annoying issue.