Too much loot, not enough space

Yeah, title says it all, not enough storage space.

i literally have my entire maxed out vault and backpack full of different legendaries and useful anointed gear, i do not have a single duplicate.

vault space needs to be atleast doubled if not tripled. after all, whats the point of a loot based game if you cannot keep your loot.

i even created extra characters to dump my loot on.


And what’s new? Same “problem” from the original games, lots of loot, not enough places to store it. Guess we have to “mule” here as well. SIgh!:unamused:

Are all the items you are carrying your vault actually seeing regular rotation play?


As someone who played all Borderlands games I will tell you now that it’s pointless to help onto weapons on the bank. Only thing I store are good mods characters I haven’t played yet or mods for different builds for my Zane.
Big Tip. Don’t hold onto weapons or shields because you Always get better as you play.DO side and crew quest, they fun as hell and great rewards. Don’t keep using a lower lvled high rarity gun when you have a higher lvled lower rarity gun. Ya will struggle in fights when the golden gun your using is 4+ lvl lower then the mobs ya fighting. sell em


Good advice for everyone. Thank you!:+1:

Unless the items are level 50 I wouldn’t even bother. Otherwise, like others suggest, create other characters to carry the gear you want to keep.

all of my gear is level 50, and i have 0 duplicates.
i was playing on mayham 3, and legendaries and anointed gear were dropping like crazy, all of them were good, i even got some good class mods for characters i haven’t fully leveled yet.
my vault and inventory space is maxed out, and all slots are full. i literally copied the same save multiple times to make them loot dumps.

What can I say; they took the wrong page from Fallout 76’s book. That’s one of the reasons I stopped playing.


Couple of things.

  1. It doesn’t matter. They looted them and want to keep them. This is a shoot and loot game. What’s the point of you can’t keep your loot?

  2. a real good reason to keep them is that there are going to be a metric fudge ton of adjustments made. Legendary X that sucks right now may become the business next month. The beast that you are using today may be nerfed into oblivion tomorrow.

It’s still too early.


You went think farming huh? Cheeky bastard. Time to start making mules mate.

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Tell me why me and my buddy who have went hard on BL3 and have been nonstopping mayhem 3 all day just said the same thing about Fallout 76 LOL I get why maybe Borderlands 1 & 2 had limitation with last gen consoles and all but to give us this many UNIQUE legendaries and so little space seems insulting to be perfectly honest. It either means A. You think so many of your legendaries are crap people won’t want, or B. You don’t care about people collecting the main selling point of your game aka the bazillion guns. Kinda dumb if you ask me.


Honestly I’m thinking the drop tastes are going to be nerfed. I’m seeing post from people that only started playing this weekend maxing out on legendary gear. Lol

Same situation here. I ended up making mules to grind later, and stored all the lower level items on them to use as I level each vault hunter. Once they are all lvl 50 I will sell all those old weapons. Thing is I got some really good legendaries early on when loot was pretty generous so not trashing those as they are harder to get since they nerfed to loot drops. I don’t understand why they are so stingy with vault space. There is no reason for it. That is the only downside of borderlands games for me. Now with all vh’s sharing the same vault, it seems like there is less space than in Bl1 or 2.

Mules have always been the borderlands way, more so now.

Also haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but if you check out the wall opposite the bank, it’s possible to store/display 10 pieces of gear on the wall


Well drops are still insane even after the “nerf”. You can easily farm hundrets of legendary items an hour in MH3 Arena or simply farming bosses.

This is true and it’s per character so that helps. Otherwise, the vault is severely lacking’ especially since it’s just one shared vault now. I went and ground all my vh’s up to acquiring the ship just so I could clean it out and hang on to some of the best lower level guns till I am ready to level those guys up.

Idk dude, I have a level 43 legendary smg that simply does significantly more fire dmg per second than any level 50 weapon I have. Its the smg that has flavor text about a little android man, its fire based, and does about 1500 fire dmg/s. My level 50 stuff is doing 4-500.

This is my first time playing borderlands…They need to increase vault and backpack sizes drastically…this is ridiculous…even anthem had 250 slots to begin with and upped it to 350.
…i was hoping as long as we could spend money we could keep getting more storage but was suprised when that option stopped.

All these mods and crystal things i want to play with are filling up my vault…i want to save them so i can choose to play one and see if i like it, then move on to the next one…and delete as i go

Same with weapons, right now every time i get legendary i have to stop playing and spend too much time switching out the legendary and test firing them to see if i even like how they work and delete as i go…however you really need to test them in gameplay to see how much damage they are doing.


BL2 has a test dummy where you can test your guns out. I have no idea why that was left out of this game. Seems like such a simple thing to include