Too much time waiting for a game

I assume that not many people are on when I try to play b/c it takes 10-20 min to get into a game. Then when the game is over, it slits everyone up and you start the cycle all over. I had to switch to overwatch, which takes less than a minute to get into a game. Would be nice to know game population to see if it is worth waiting. PS I play on the ps4

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I play on PC… Sorry to hear that but find it strange. I thought ps4 had the highest amount of players

hardly any wait time for me on xb1. mp and or story.

it does, just not for Battlebore, most the hype for this game faided out sometime ago. Hope they don’t go same route with BL3

I never have to wait on PS4, but I’m in the U.S. and play in the evening eastern standard time.

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I’ve only been waiting a couple minutes on xbox1.