Too Scoops of weird mechanics

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A friend asked me to look into the Too Scoops shotgun and how it works and since I love Jakobs and was already interested in it I was happy to play with it.

I have a feeling a lot of people are ignoring this gun right now because they shoot it and don’t understand it, like many guns in bl2 that were later found to be great, this might be one of those mis understood gems.

There is one example of how to make use of it, EXOTEK909 was able to figure out an amazing way to use it with claptrap but I’m sure there are many more ways with more characters.

I guess lets just start with the card.

First is damage from what I can tell from shooting this is it has 150% pure splash damage. Why I say that is when I shoot it with no bar or skills I get 1,984 If you take 1,323 x 1.5 you get 1984.5

Now why I say pure splash and not bullet + 50% splash is I would shoot directly at an enemy and also shoot the ground next to them and still the same 1984 popped up. I also never once saw a 1323 so that rules out the pellet.

The next interesting thing is the DOT damage. The bullet speed is pretty slow and surrounding that bullet is a AOE of cryo damage and any enemy in that AOE take 1/2 of the DOT damage or 470 damage ticks and they take multiple ticks of it as it slowly moves past them.

The last part I am unsure of but I have 2 theories. The effect chance on the card is 8% but this thing seems like it has closer to 80% chance.

Theory 1 the card lies and it has a higher chance.
Theory 2 since the bullets have an AOE each tick that it hits them has an 8% chance to freeze them. I think this is likely because it froze enemies that it didn’t even hit but they did take the 470 damage.

Next part to look at is the flight pattern and here is part of the real genius of the gun, EXOTEK909 helped me figure this part out. The bullets pass through enemies and spread apart as they fly, but because of the AOE of the bullet path it freezes enemies while it goes. 2 things can cause the splash, impact on a surface or they have a set distance. At max distance they explode far enough away from each other so the AOE of the two blasts barely touch in the middle to maximize its range.

A side not that I tested, no it does not gain grenade damage :frowning:

If you have an absorb shield on you will notice that you absorb both rockets and shotgun ammo, and not only 1 shotgun ammo but multiple ticks of it, I’ve seen up to 5 on one shot. I think the splash is rocket damage and the shards are shotgun ammo.

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Glad to see this ported! :slight_smile:

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This is fascinating. The Ice Scream Vladof Rifle is also deccribed as having a high elemental effect chance, but on the card the chance is very low. Can you test if the Ice Scream also has freeze chance tied to the DOT?