Took a bit of a break from TPS, whats new?

So… hi.

A few of you might remember me as Smm42, the guy who made the Sith build for Athena. Through most of BL2’s lifespan and and the first few months of TPS’s, I checked this forum multiple times a day. But because of school, lack of interest from co-op partner, and a new found addiction to magic the gathering, I kinda stopped playing around the time Jack’s double came out. Now I’m ready to get back into the game, but I have some catching up to do.

So, help me catch up:
Question 1: Whats the general opinion on the two DLC classes? How fun are they? How Broken are they?

Question 2(No spoilers plz): Whats the general opinion on the claptrap DLC? I’ve heard some good things, are they true?

Question 3: So… all three capstones… that’s a thing…Now sure how feel about it myself. Do you guys like it? How much does this hurt build diversity?

Question 4: How do you guys like the new forums? I’m not in love with them yet, but they might grow on me.

  1. General opinion is both classes are very well done. I actually haven’t tried either yet myself, although I own the Season Pass and intend to eventually.

  2. General opinion (and my personal opinion as well) is that the Claptrap DLC is excellent, possibly equal or greater in quality than the Tiny Tina DLC in BL2. Nobody really likes the Holodome much, however.

  3. The main issue with Level 70 builds is actually getting your character to Level 70. Takes…so…long…

  4. I still like vBulletin much more than this, but it’s okay, I guess.

1 - Didn’t play Timothy the Doppelganger but had a blast with Aurelia! Soooo many forzen enemies!

2 - Claptastic Voyage is a good time, some new toys, new enemies, and some old friends.

3 - Haven’t made it to 70, it takes forever…

4 - The new forums could grow on you, I hated them at first but we’re getting along okay lately.

1: can’t tell, didn’t get them. They didn’t appeal to me. Jack is supposedly broken, and Aurelia is all Burst damage, no survivability.

2: Claptrap DLC is great fun, and the new gear is worth it.

3: I think it’s too much, the game was perfectly fine and balanced at 60. Still… It sells copies and gets players back in the game… But from an enjoyment standpoint, it adds nothing. Build diversity… I can only speak for Nisha, but simply put, there isn’t any anymore…

4: the biggest knock I have against it is that we “lost” the old stuff… Otherwise, it’s actually better made I think. Many would disagree with me though.

Question 1: Both classes are designed very well and both of them mesh very well with any of the four original VH’s in co-op.

Question 2(No spoilers plz): The clap dlc is a great imho, it’s my favorite place to go when I just want to do some fun runs.

Question 3: While it narrows down build diversity you don’t have to get all three capstones, you can opt for making a strong build even stronger by maxing out skills you only had 2 - 3 points in pre-70 level cap.

Question 4: I hate it, I hate Discourse I think it’s a bunch of ■■■■ but that’s just my opinion. I loved the old vbulletin software and I think they would have been much better off going with xenforo instead.

  1. Aurelia is the de facto glass cannon. I prefer playing her in co-op because without distractions she goes down fast, but maybe I just can’t get the hang of her. Some bosses require extra effort, or a rocket launcher.
    Haven’t played a lot of Jack, I’ve read he’s ridiculously powerful.

  2. Claptastic voyage is great. Adds much needed variety to the locations, glitch effects, repeatable arena with game mutators, and I found the story very enjoyable and relatable.

  3. Yes, you can get 3 capstones, but in many cases, the temptation to forego them to fill out an entire tree is real, and you don’t have enough backpack space to have gear for all those playstyles anyway (at least in Athena’s case). That, and there’s still diversity in HOW you get to all 3 capstones, I suppose

  4. I like the notifications in the new forums, otherwise it performs just like the old one for me. Some buttons on the post form are missing from the mobile view, but I barely use them anyway.

thanks everyone, good to here the new content is good.

  1. in my opinion are amazing. And the dlc toons plus the four vanilla game vault hunters are probably the most unique and best out of all the borderlands games.

2.clap trap dlc is really great. It adds a nice endgame. With the mutalator arena and all the challange and possibilities. Plus just farming the arena and the bosses in it. PLus all the new gear it adds and bosses within the dlc you can farm. Then theres just the new mobbing spots plus how damn fun and unique it is.

3.i feel level 60 was prefect i really dont know why they raised it to 70… It doesnt bother me and im fine with it though.

  1. i think the new forums are really good
  1. 2 Classes are great. I thoroughly enjoyed playing both of em, Jack is extremely powerful

  2. The Claptrap DLC was fantastic. For me personally, I enjoyed it even more than Tina’s DLC which I thought was amazing. I’m not sure if I enjoyed it that much because of the lack of content before the Claptastic Voyage though… because there was nothing to do, literally, before the Campaign DLC came. No bosses to farm, re-doing the same things with 2 new classes… and the horrendous DLC pack known as the Holodome.
    Not to mention- absolutely fantastic new weapons. Flayer, Luck Cannon, Absolute Zero, Kaneda’s Laser, Laser Disker, Thunderfire, Meganade… all of them, just great weapons

  3. I personally liked having 10 more points. 60 was enough, that’s true. But I liked having flexibilty in spending more points elsewhere- if I didn’t want em I could just let some points sit there. But getting to 70… yeah…

  4. IWasn’t on the old forums, but when i joined this forum I didn’t really like the layout. Used to it now though.
    Welcome back :slight_smile:

  1. Doppelganger A+++++++++++++, Baroness A

  2. It’s okay. Some of the new gear is awesome. the custom arena is super sweet. The final bosses are kinda fun, minus the mandatory shield regeneration.

  3. It’s friggen awesome dude, but then again I disagree with the concept of build diversity.

  4. I definitely don’t like it as much. I liked the ignore feature and the flagging system is subpar.

Oh man would I freaking love to have the ignore feature on here. :confused:

About Level 70, you really can’t max all the skills.

So build diversity is still there. You just get more points to distribute.

Not to start that debate again, but there really isn’t.

Once you’ve decided you didn’t want to do melee for example, and there are a few skills that suck and others that simply do nothing for your gear, you’re left with complete cookies cutter.

Try building a Nisha, no melee that uses elemental guns… Just that. Remember that gunslinger sucks terribly. Tell me, how many truly different builds can you make ?

Of course, YES, technically speaking there is still build diversity… If you put your skill points at random, disregarding efficiency and logic, you can come up with different builds… Does that count ? I say no.

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Hmm… yeah…

Chuck has spoken.

  1. Both are good. As with all characters, the right gear with the right skills makes them beasts.
  2. It’s a good and worthwhile DLC. It adds some much needed end game content. Wouldn’t put it on par with TTAODK though, but it gets close.
  3. Not level 70 myself, but it seems kind of silly. Sure, all 3 skill trees usually don’t synergize super well, but I’m still scratching my head on this one.
  4. Meh, same as they old ones. Notifications are cool.
  1. Haven’t played Jack, but having lots of fun with Baroness! :smile:
  2. DLC is great, in my opinion on par with Tina DLC, lots of fun and for me has higher replayability than vanilla game.
  3. Not lvl 70, but I think is OK, haven’t seen many builds with all 3 capstones, it’s better (for me) to put another points to preferred tree.
  4. I like them more :wink:
  1. They’re very fun to play with, on par with base characters.

  2. That’s the best thing they’ve done for TPS: very ClapTrap-esque, fun new weapons, great new heads, fantastic arena and a challenging boss.

  3. The 10 extra new levels weren’t needed IMO. The thing I like the less from the last DLC. Less diversity that’s for sure, but there’s enough weapons to counterbalance that a little.

  4. Takes a bit of time to get used to. Improvements over here, regressions over there.