Took a week break, renewed my love for the game but

I was starting to get super burned out on Battleborn lately and with the lack of info on Sp content and the newly added MT I was getting bummed out. So I decided to take a bit of a break. Played some GTA online with their new update, some Elder Scrolls Legends and I started playing the beta for Paladins the hero shooter from Hirez.

I came back today and I can tell I’m much more refreshed and having a lot more fun than I was a week ago. However after playing quite a lot of Paladins and coming back to this I realized something.

Unit collision is god awful. Now i do realize that this game is vastly different, i do know this, i am not comparing the two. But moving around in that game was vastly more enjoyable as i didn’t get stuck on every single teammate or object in the game. I was just playing an Incursion match and didn’t realize how much I had been getting body/minion blocked. Its very frustrating. They should seriously consider removing friendly collision or at least remove the dang bouncing around on top of people/ai. It would make this game a ton more enjoyable.

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Agree. Same-team collision is an issue. There needs to be some blocking for sake of tactics (you should have to maneuver and attack as a group), but it would be nice if team bodies could be “slippery” to some extent (like some native repulsion so you sort of slide past each other). Also, yes, bouncing needs to go away. Add a repulse or slight knockback effect.

If you’re getting blocked in by opposing minions, use quick melee. It has knockback. (Sorry if you knew that!)

yea I have no problem with enemy blocking, that’s fine. but with allies its hair pulling irritating.

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Removing team collision would be way too easy to you really want that Orendi or Oscar Mike you are trying to kill to be able to run right thru Montana or Kelvin? Or stand inside Isic’s wards to shoot at you?

Fixing the bouncing sounds great, though.

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