Took too long to start

My friend just got the game and is offline and it wont even load for him? Any solutions? I have searched for hours to a solution i just feel bad i got him to get this game,and ge cant even load it one time. Please let me know if anyone has gotten past this.

I bought the $100 version and tried to play release day but was getting the same issue, uninstalled and reinstalled, moved to external and then back to internal, tried offline, tried a hard reset but nothing seems to work, I’ve been able to play twice randomly , once after the initial move to the external but that’s it, would love to get some answers, what I have played so far has been great though.

My friend updated his xbox, (not the game) and it worked!

I wish updating it would work for me

But then again I’m on the Xbox insiders ring

But I factory reset my Xbox and it never makes it past the 2k logo

Try taking yourself out of the insiders program and see if that helps? I’ve seen a few posts where that fixed the issue.

Regarding the took thread topic: since the last update, it appears that some of the initial launch activity has been moved to the Claptrap dance sequence. The initial wait at the box art screen for the logos is consistently shorter now, so I’m not getting the “Took too long to start” message. But I’m consistently counting more Claptraps before I get to the sign in screen.

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I never disliked Claptrap until he became the multiple minute loading screen. This game is not optimized well.

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