[TOOL] Blender HWRM Toolkit - Cube Maps!

As I hinted in another thread, I have been working on a few updates to the blender toolkit written by @dkesserich (Blender DAE Exporter for HWRM). These updates are mostly related to backgrounds, and they are not quite ready to roll out yet. When they are, I plan to fork the original toolkit on github and merge it with the importer to make a new package.

However I will share the cube map part for now, because people have asked me to @Nathanius . Here goes…

Replace the previous file joint_tools.py in your blender addons HWRM toolkit directory with this one:


It is quite self explanatory. You can create the cameras and then render the cube maps. The maps will be created in the same directory as where the current blend file is saved. Unfortunately I have not yet worked out how to make them .TGA format, so you will have to convert them in GIMP… Hopefully in time I can fully automate the whole process.



Is this for making background textures? You can do the same thing using render to texture in 3DS Max, where you render the sphere map diffuse to a cube and vice versa. Is it like that?

No, its for the cube maps, which define the reflections on a ship. Basically they are 6 square images, like faces of a cube.

Yeah I know that, that’s what I was implying. They’re still a background texture technically.

Ah I see, I thought you meant to create the background DIFF texture. On that case “yes” :slight_smile:

Fun fact: you need to save the cube maps in DDS DTX1 format for them to show in game

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