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That’s, as indicated, Plan B, but I’m in a kinda weird situation for my mod. I inherited the caretaking of a much older mod something like eight or nine years ago, where one guy named czacen pretty much did everything for a self-sufficient mod. When I ported it to HWRM 1.0 last year, it gave it some publicity in the fandom and I was allowed to use a huge series of models made by another team that made their mod for Freespace 2, a space sim. Awesome quality and everything, but I was still alone and while I can code my way through HW 2 and HWRM, I’m not really capable where it comes to do actual editing and texturing of 3D files beyond removing sub-meshes and the stuff in Blender. And even then, those models covered two and a half out of four factions, so when a modeller joined me, his main job was (and still is) to create the final models needed.

So I’m looking at various solutions, mainly PayDay’s UI, if it could allow us to use the raw models or, when my modeller finds the time for it, removing the definitely useless details from the ships (and I know for a fact that many details, like the interior of the hangars, are useless) or - and I know this will make you cringe, my apologies in advance - taking a few weeks to learn how to do the .dae the right way, through 3DS Max with all the things done the way you guys explained before. So that’s why I’m testing the waters to see if the .obj integration was planned and if it wouldn’t cause too many issues.

Though, FYI, if you are interested in the limitations of HODOR and the engine, I got a 58k triangles ship to work quite smoothly ingame after getting its .dae through HODOR today. That could give an indication to other people how far they can hope to go, I guess. Thanks for the tip, though, I’m going to see if I can try something else I just thought of while writing this! :slight_smile:

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Ohh! I love that game!
When I was a kid, it was one of the most important games for me, along with Homeworld. :wink:
I am actually in a playthrough currently, using the Open Source version with all of these amazing enhancements. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can imagine, it’s one hell of a superb game, with a wonderful engine to mod, from what I heard (though I haven’t modded on it). If you’re curious, the mod that shared its models with our team is the one from www.wcsaga.com, which has a huge campaign.

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It is really important to note that triangle count is NOT the limiting factor. Our triangle ‘index buffers’ are shorts. 16bit. So the actual limiting factor is unique verts - it has to be less than ~60k. The ONLY way to be sure that is the case is to limit your ships to 20k triangles (so that no matter what, even with no sharing, you are under the indexing limit). Sure, 58k may work, because of a bunch of shared verts - but it may also not work with even a minor tweak.

No reason not to push the limits :wink: And after a year of trying, I still haven’t convinced many people to make ‘better’ art (in terms of details vs quality trade-offs) - and some notable Mod authors are still trying to cram buttloads of 4k textures on a ship that’s no bigger than a frigate…


For my defence, I’m trying to reduce the load and we don’t have a bunch of 4K, though we do have up to a dozen textures on the really, really huge ships, those are things the size of Sajuuk you should never see in a game or fleet carriers that don’t get built in more than one or two. And even then, among these are common textures for all ships larger than a bomber.

Thanks for the vertices hard limit value, however, that will be a very useful info for my modeller!

As for my problem, I think I will try to bypass the issue by making the big go-through hangars of my carriers their own unselectable subsystem innate to the ship and then play with the collision mesh to make the whole thing work correctly ingame. After all, the ships with problems are the carriers, in which the hangars are detailed to hell (the original files come from a fighter space sim, so you spent some time in the hangars and could strafe them).

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You don’t have to do this, splitting the mesh and moving it into another joint works perfectly.
I had this problem some time ago, look here.

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Hey @PayDay,
more names, at least for fun:

  • Alotta Spina DAE Editor - mixing our compulsion to spin videos and photos because of the former editor (with Austin Powers girl name)…
  • Overnight DAE Editor - regarding our compulsion to work in improper moments …
  • Porcupine DAE Editor - attending the compulsion of some modders to add (much) more guns to the hull …
  • Poly Contractor DAE Editor - due to our compulsion of thinking the devs didn’t make enough ships …
  • Play it again Sam DAE Editor - refers to our compulsion on forgetting to edit that miserable hard point …
  • Railroad DAE Editor - bla-bla-bla our compulsion with unworking dockpaths.

Ok, that’s enough.


Huh, what do you mean? Basing the mesh on another joint than root and then translating manually?

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Love it. Works fine with the DAEs I have been testing it with so far. The engine glow function is useful. I still don’t get the thing with navlights. I don’t use any custom navlights, so I set the path to be the HWRM data path, but it still complains. Do I need to extract some navlight files from the big files? If so, why not just have the default navlight stuff built in? So simple folk like me don’t have to mess around with navlight settings…

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I think you have to connect to the file KEEPERS.TXT, then it will stop.

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DAEnerys, to keep the GoT theme initiated with Hodor :smile:


CfHodEd was 'Cold Fusion Hod Editor’
PayDay = PayDAE



Just out of curiosity, is there any need to update the Steam Workshop EXAMPLES? I mean, willl you do that or it isn’t necessary?


I don’t think there is.

Goblins should be removed from the hgn carrier…

It isn’t necessary, no. BUT - There will likely be some new Examples… things like a formal one for Ship patching, one for the dynamic shaders stuff we added that it appears nobody has played with yet, etc…

I was pretty sure I left in a teaser someplace for it… Ah yep, I did. I see it now :wink:


When Nav lights got split out to separate nodes, did dock paths get split as well or are they still a long string?

Now that there is navlight preview now we need dock path and animation preview :-p

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Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example you have:

  • ROOT[LOD0]
  • JNT[ter_tokyo]
    • MULT[ter_tokyo]_ LOD[0]_TAGS[DoScar]
  • JNT[ter_tokyo_details]
    • MULT[ter_tokyo_details]_ LOD[0]_TAGS[DoScar]

Be sure to restart the tool after you added the path.
Look into /scripts/navlightstyles/ and check if everything is there.

That’s brilliant! This is my personal favorite by far. But I will still create a poll for that I think. ^^

A nice option too. :slight_smile:

Yep, I really want fixed/new examples too.

Yeah, but I have to look into dockpath interpolation logic.

  • DAEnerys
  • PayDAE

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haha, you’re welcome ^^
@BitVenom’s idea is great too, short and to the point.
But I’ll still vote for my baby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Polls are fun, but if you liked DAEnerys, go ahead, you’re the one hard working on this.

Is ship patching designed to substitute the TEXTURE SET of a ship, or at least, the TEAM & STRIPE tex? I’d like to test overriding the DIFF texture (+ all else needed) of the HGN Interceptor.

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