[Tool] Gun Anointment Calculator

I’ve created this Excel sheet where you can compare how much damage different gun anointments cause, based on all your skills and items and bonuses. If you’re interested, you can download it, enter your values, and see how much every gun anointment does against what enemy type.

The results (numbers in the middle = chart on the right) show the overall damage of the entire setup, not just the damage from the anointment itself, so you can compare how much total damage you deal based on all your gear, and how much it is with each anointment.

Only Amara is covered right now.

I believe most mistakes are sorted out, but I can’t guarantee it since there’s a lot of complicated formulas going on. I’ve double checked quite a few with a calculator and in its current state I couldn’t find any errors. Still, no promises.

Here’s the file:

Update 14 March 2020: Fixed splash damage/bonus element interaction.
Update 07 April 2020: Added Elemental Projector/Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge.


Isn’t the 50% bonus from element damage the best anointment since it adds 50% corrosive, fire, etc., to the over all damage whereas the others, like phaseslam at 300% adds to the base damage of the gun without skill points or other increases in base damage added?

From what I’ve seen it works like this:

Base damage of gun = 100
skill adds gun damage of 25%, new damage is (100*.25) + 100 = 125
If you add in Phaseslam of 300% on top of the gun damage, you take (100*3) + 100 = 400 + 125= 525.

But, if you add an anointment that does 50% incendiary for the next two mags, it looks like this: base damage plus skill and phaseslam with the new anointment added in = (525*.5)+525 = 787.5

So the 50% element on the next 2 mags is a better anointment than phaseslam at 300% because it uses the overall damage increase instead of the base weapon damage for the multiplier.

+300% Phaseslam is far better than a +50% elemental anointment.

Let’s say we’ve got +25% gun damage already (e.g. from 3/3 Samsara with 5 stacks, that’s 25%), so you get 125% gun damage. +300% from the Phaseslam anointment means 425% gun damage.

In the best possible scenario for a +50% elemental bonus, +50% shock vs. shield, we get 125% × (100% + 50% × 250%) = 281.25%.

It gets worse for the bonus element if we have bonus elements on shield/grenade already: the bonus element from the gun is just added on top and does nothing about those, while gun damage from Phaseslam increases everything including those.

So with +25% from Samsara, shield and grenade bonus element are 50% × 1.25 = 62.5% each. Add +300% Phaseslam and now shield and grenade bonus element are 50% × 4.25 = 212.5% each.

There’s nothing a +50% bonus element on the gun can do to even come close to that. +300% Phaseslam and +250% Phasecast completely destroy the bonus element on guns.

It’s only the Spiritual Driver that closes the gap because its damage bonus is additive with the bonus from Slam/Cast, but in most situations they’re still better than +50% element. The most notable change here is that +125% splash wrecks everything else.

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That’s not how the 50% elemental on the next two mags works though… here’s a video showing you how it works.

Not sure what you’re getting at. In the video he explains that the elemental bonus on the grenade receives the +300% from the gun, which is exactly my point.

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Because you’re chart for Gun Anointment % is misleading. All other dmg % increases use the base gun damage and the 50% element on the next 2 mags does not. It basically uses all combined damages as a base. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. But it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to say.

Additionally, why is crit bonuses ignored? I don’t find them weak at all when using Amara and the Wedding Invitation with a Com that adds +48% Jackobs crit hits, +33% sniper damage, and an Artifact with +18% sniper damage. Especially if you can consistently hit crits. I’ve cleared the SS with nothing but the Wedding Invitation. MT, not so much, but that’s another beast.

Just trying to help out, so if I’m completely wrong, my apologies.

Each instance of damage is calculated separately, adjusted for element matching each, modified by all bonuses that apply and the end result is the sum of all.

Because it doesn’t change anything about the relative values of those anointments to each other. If you add crits, the chart would look exactly the same except that it’d e.g. say 1400% instead of 300% on the x-axis.

The only anointments where it’d make any difference would be those +25% crit ones. But they’re too weak to justify introducing a ton more variables.

Between the corrosive Cutsman with +75% rad and corrosive Cutsman with +250% after Phasecast, I literally MELT Wotan with the second one. The first one I can put on substaintial damage, especially if I am moving fast when I shoot, but the Phasecast anoint is far far better. And since Phaseslam anoint is basically the same thing, that means Phaseslam will do more damage than +50% elemental damage.

Just talking from experience using both weapons. IDK the math, just that I know for a fact Phasecast/Phaseslam are the strongest anoints.

What I find interesting is that you say the ASE +125% splash damage anoint is superior to +300% after Phaseslam anoint.

Is it a massive difference? Or is it close? Because going from this post Maliwan weapons do splash damage differently. So will I do more damage using Cutsman and Krakatoa with splash damage anoint over Phaseslam anoint?

I’m not an Amara player so I can’t answer your question about phaseslam. But you linked to the Splash Weapon List of mine.

Must be some confusion, that isn’t in the post. Maliwan splash is no different than any other splash. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about splash or my post.

Well I’d like to know if I get a Cutsman or Krakatoa with splash damage anointment that it will work with these weapons.

You mention next to Cutsman that the orbs do but the beam doesn’t. If that’s true then maybe Phaseslam is better because it also buffs the beam.

Under Krakatoa you mention only the fireballs get damage, I’m not sure what that means since it doesn’t shoot fireballs, unless you mean Firestorm (which produces raining fireballs).

Cutsman - The orbs very very briefly do splash damage. As in enough time to shoot the ground at your feet to get the splash effect. After travelling further than that distance, it doesn’t do splash. Splash anointment is not worth it.

Krakatoa - Does have fireballs, it creates a volcano that fires off balls of fire which deal splash damage. Subjective whether or not the anointment is worth it. You will likely find a weapon damage increase more consistent.

Okay thanks. Sounds like splash damage isn’t gonna help then.

Speaking of splash, I just fixed a glaring mistake where bonus elements were affected by splash bonuses (most notably the 125% splash anointment). What’s most annoying is that I had it right in the first place but then miscorrected it. Fixed & updated the link, so if anyone is using this, please download again.

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No problem. Keep in mind the splash increase from the anointment will apply to all splash damage you do while holding the gun with the anointment active. Not sure which skills Amara has that do splash, or if you’re heavily using grenades but they receive the boost as well.

Another thing I noticed in my testing today which might be of interest to Amara players: if you use Infusion, the second instance of damage does not receive splash bonuses. So e.g. with 5/5 Infusion, only the main 60% get bonuses from Arms Deal, splash anointment and class mod/artifact bonuses. Being technically bonus elemental damage, the 40% part ignores them. The more I learn about this skill, the worse it gets.

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I find the only real use of Infusion is for extra projectiles. But if you get make it down to Forceful Expression you get that bonus without the penalty.

Yeah but if you use FE and Infusion, you get 2 extra projectiles, so even if you’ve got FE, Infusion can still be useful. I never invest more than 1 point though, I wouldn’t spend any points there if it wasn’t for this effect.

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You are one fantastic community member! Thank you for everything you’re doing! Helps a ton, man!

+75% radiation damage is broken. It only actually gives 40%. I don’t know why GB hasn’t fixed it.

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