[Tool] Gun Anointment Calculator

Thanks Doc.

Doing a quick look at the chart, it seems the Elemental Projector prefix is a better choice than Snowdrift, as even at 600% on Driver, the EP is still better (even for splash).

Have either of you (@DocStrangelove or @Prismatic) done any calculations as to where the damage from Victory Rush would enter the damage formula? Is it under gun damage or a special multiplier? Is it worth it if you can get it with the EP prefix? Is it possible to get the Pearl with the EP prefix?

To confirm i’ve understood not only the damage calculation formulas and the idea behind multipliers vs additives, but also your chart, getting guns like Storm and Firestorm (splash elemental weapons) with the +125% splash damage bonus is better than getting them with either phasecast or phaseslam bonuses?

Yes it can be. Elemental Projector is very powerful and depending on circumstances it can be better than any other artifact.

Victory Rush is a “v1” bonus, which means it’s additive to C-C-Combo but to nothing else we’re aware of (except for FL4K who has more v1 bonuses). So for Amara, aside from C-C-Combo, you can think of it as a “multiplicative” bonus.

That depends a lot. The splash anointment is very powerful but is diminished when using bonus elements because those don’t receive any splash bonuses – but they are increased by gun damage bonuses like +100%, +250%, +300% etc. It depends on a ton of factors and there’s no simple answer to this. That’s one of the reasons why i created this thing, to try to get an idea about stuff that’s too complicated to calculate yourself.


Thanks Doc!

Yeah i tested it out in the chart, and having added the bonus for shock/fire respectively for the grenade, and like radiation for the shield. The splash came out on top still.

This is, like you said, of course not to say that it would do more damage. Running with a sniper rifle to get a bonus out of Driver is hard stuff, and without the bonus from Driver, splash is far behind.

Thanks for the 2nd document. I’ll have a look at it, and see if i can find myself an Elemental Projector Victory Rush to test in game.

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Nope, Pearl is a unique artifact.

Thank you.

@DocStrangelove and @Prismatic where does the Pearl’s damage bonus come into the damage formula? I’ve been going through that google doc and can’t find it. Is it like Amp dmg at the end, or is it a gun dmg additive (since you said nothing else is v1 for Amara but Victory Rush and C-C-Combo)?

Pearl has 2 components to its damage. The 1% damage per stack as far as we know is by itself, so just multiply it in at the end. The 90% bonus for having max stacks is gun damage and will fit in at the beginning with the other damage bonuses.

The stacking of 1% damage bonuses is a bit weird, you can find my explanation for it here.


Thank you Prism!

From my understanding it went from +20% at full stacks to +90%, yet some people claim it’s a nerf. What am i missing, or how is that a nerf? Did they nerf the initial stacking bonus?

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The bonus listed on the card was wrong. It was originally 120% and not 20%. So they lowered it by 30 and then corrected the card.


Ah, thanks!

Thanks to Prismatic for explaining it.

Just for the record, the sheet does take this into account. It adds 90% to the gun damage part and multiplies everything by 1.0115.


Yeah i figured, since if it were an amp for 90% it “should” have been better than the EP artifact in the sheet, at least for the most part. But i wasn’t sure where it was added.

I’m also guessing that the Elemental Damage Guardian Rank is added as an additive in the Elemental Damage bracket (like Guardian Rank for Crit Dmg), rather than as a multiplicative at the end like Gun Dmg Guardian Rank?

It should be, though I haven’t confirmed.

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Dang the elemental GR isn’t in the sheet yet is it? Will be in the next update.

To answer your question, yes Elemental GR is additive with Tempest and passive element bonuses on COM/artifact.


Do you guys know where Anarchy’s bonus is added? Gun or V1?

Its another entirely separate modifier.

It also stacks exponentially so have fun with the multiplier.

Anarchy Multiplier = 1.3 Stacks


Thanks Prism! You guys have been unbelievably invaluable and helpful, so thank you. I love theory crafting and because of the groundwork you and the rest of the community have done, I can sit back and enjoy the theory crafting of builds and loadouts instead. :heart:


A pretty solid Fire Anarchy (415*18) without an anointment gets a running close ranged crit on Jack to 14m (this is with 3/3 in Laid Bare, 6/3 in Mindfulness, 3/3 in Personal Space, 3/3 in Transcend, 3/3 in Wrath, and 5/5 in Tempest). I get down to 1/5 in Sustainment to keep myself alive (with 5/5 in Helping Hands). This was also with a grenade with 50% bonus incendiary dmg (so the result on Jack is stacked between the two hits). So time to go get an Anarchy with an anointment for bonus wpn dmg on phasecast and one for general ASE 100%!

Might not have tried the Anarchy if you hadn’t said the bonus wasn’t only stacking multiplicatively with itself through the stacking, but also functioning multiplicatively like Amp in the general formula! :open_mouth: :upside_down_face:

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@DocStrangelove So, because of your sheet for Amara and how unbelievably fantastic that is, my group of players (2 Fl4k and 1 Moze) are wondering if you’re still planning on doing the same sheet for them as well? :heart_eyes: :heart:

I certainly can’t do it because I’m much less knowledgeable about the other VH’s and their skills, anointments and all the interactions. The thing is you need to know every hidden detail for this to work correctly, and there’s a lot of weird sh*t going on behind the scenes. I’m particularly afraid of FL4K, that could be a nightmare, but Moze calculation is crazy AF too.

I won’t rule out that a combined effort of the expert community will expand upon this, but tbh I wouldn’t hold my breath.