[TOOL] Hodorest - Hodor GUI


The pretty simple first run at a GUI to use HODOR

Pretty new at using Github so I might have messed something up but here ya go :smiley:

P.S. Gbx doesn’t care I stole the icon right? I promise to give them credit somewhere :flushed:


Hey, let’s talk in the near future - I’ll help get you more params and features to put into your UI - it’ll be better for everyone. If you want (not gonna make you take my info…) :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I I saw the other options in the example post so I still have to add those.

I already have the framework set up so that the batched up builds can each have their own parameters. Good documentation on what each does so that they’re practically self explanatory would also be nice. Could try implementing tooltips everywhere.

Thank you for this. Looks awesome! Keep up the good work.

Posting to bump this and confirm that while I been busy IRL (either with work or playing other stuff :3) I haven’t let this hasn’t die yet and I still plan on make it a bit more flexible.

I just thought of a feature today: DAE Validation.

I’m thinking I could crack open each DAE and check that the naming conventions are all peachy instead of letting you just throw it at HODOR and having HODOR just straight crash or throw a fit. That way we got some first level debugging.

There’s also some grand schemes I have in mind for a potential super GUI that can also open .ship files and let you fiddle with attributes using drop downs and textboxes that have each attribute clearly named out and categorized. Probably visual studio style with all the properties down the side : D

OHH and what if I made a balance-tool within this GUI that showed graphs regarding an estimated damage done to armor type A, B, C, etc.

Yeah this could be HUGE. Full blown modding toolkit hub : D

Could probably even click a build button to automate packing into a .big and sending it to the workshop.


I tried this…how does it work cus im kinda lost

also im am like newbie to modding and almost every thing here XD

The two fields at the top are global. One is the location of Homeworld remastered’s installation folder. This is important because that’s how it finds HODOR.

The second one is a folder you want your output to default to.

Then as you want to compile a file you just type in the name (like “Hgn_Carrer” or “Tai_Interceptor”, names the actual file will have). Once you have a name you go select the dae you want to use. In the preview box you’ll see where the .hod will end up. If you want it somewhere else then pick that by using the browse button on the output field.

If you have more the one ship to do this with then click the “Start New” button at the bottom and it’ll add another entry in the list to the left. If you want to remove one then click remove on the menu at the top and it’ll delete the one that’s currently selected.

Once you’re all set up click run and it’ll throw each dae you have checked in the list through HODOR

Admittedly this process needs some tuning and streamlining and for HODOREST to be truly helpful with someone doing a big project I need to make it remember the list between sessions :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one more update I need to do to WeaponEd so once I’ve done that I’ll come back and touch HODOREST again.


Awesome man this helps a lot!!! :smile:

ill put up a post to my mod on steam when iv finished making it!

Ok i think i have it working and all correct. Just not sure that it should be crashing on the run part

As it turns out I’m gonna be releasing that new version really soon here. Was running it through a few times to make sure the list saved and such. Also made the system more robust. Should catch more exceptions instead of exploding.

In your case it was HODOR that crashed, not my GUI, so it didn’t like your .dae file. Go to the folder where HODOR sits and make a .bat file with this inside:

HODOR.exe -script=hodorest.hodor

This will run w/e the last script generated by my GUI was. What I suspect though is that it’ll crash the same way there too.

What 3D modeling program are you using? Can you post a screenshot showing your joint structure?


Hey @BitVenom, I know you’re busy as hell right now with balance stuff, but when you can next get to it can you cover HODOR with a bunch of internal try/catches? Then we can get those out as output to better debug our own stuff. :wink:

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I am using blender and i followed the Tutorial provided by DKesserich

and i went over my model a few times but it looked fine

Edit: i did find that my model had like a 2nd copy of its self inside of the base model but removing that and re exporting it didn’t change a thing so far

Okay well the thing I was looking for is your joint tree on the right there, can you expand ALL of those and show that? :blush:

(Namely the ROOT_LOD[0] mostly, but all 3 of them just to be sure)

lol im kinda new to all this but i know what your talkin about now


AH HA, There’s your problem.

Your texture needs to match the name used in the brackets

In this case “untitled” needs to be “Stinger_Scout_Diffuse”. Also it’s my understanding that you should use the format that the examples used such as “name_DIFF” for the diffuse. Unless I’m mistaken HODOR uses these naming conventions to identify which texture does what…either that or you do it based on the SHD tags. I’ve only ever used DIFFs so far, yet to try a bump map or team color/stripe map :3

Edit: Also your COL joint has a T missing. It’s ROO_COL instead of ROOT_COL


ahah wow im thick XD

ok ill make those changes and get back to you

Ah yes here it is

Continuing the discussion from [EXAMPLE] Ships #1:

OK iv put the T in ROOT and changed the Untitled img to Stinger_Scout_Diffuse as what its suppose to have…

and double checked things where in the right place…

But did you try changing the naming convention to xxxx_DIFF? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also keep in mind the image needs to be a .tga and if you’re using GIMP make sure that compression is UNCHECKED when exporting.

yes i just tried xxx_DIFF and im still seeing HODOR Explode…dunno if its the model of if its me…gimme a while and ill make a new Basic model and see if i can fix it myself

From what I can tell based on the screenshots, it looks like you’re painting your texture in Blender, which is fine, but you have to save them out in the same folder that you’re exporting your DAE to, naming the file “Stinger_Scout_DIFF.tga” (be sure to select TGA in the image export options), then make sure that the image datablock has the same name as the file, like so: