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I am using blender and i followed the Tutorial provided by DKesserich

and i went over my model a few times but it looked fine

Edit: i did find that my model had like a 2nd copy of its self inside of the base model but removing that and re exporting it didn’t change a thing so far

Okay well the thing I was looking for is your joint tree on the right there, can you expand ALL of those and show that? :blush:

(Namely the ROOT_LOD[0] mostly, but all 3 of them just to be sure)

lol im kinda new to all this but i know what your talkin about now


AH HA, There’s your problem.

Your texture needs to match the name used in the brackets

In this case “untitled” needs to be “Stinger_Scout_Diffuse”. Also it’s my understanding that you should use the format that the examples used such as “name_DIFF” for the diffuse. Unless I’m mistaken HODOR uses these naming conventions to identify which texture does what…either that or you do it based on the SHD tags. I’ve only ever used DIFFs so far, yet to try a bump map or team color/stripe map :3

Edit: Also your COL joint has a T missing. It’s ROO_COL instead of ROOT_COL


ahah wow im thick XD

ok ill make those changes and get back to you

Ah yes here it is

Continuing the discussion from [EXAMPLE] Ships #1:

OK iv put the T in ROOT and changed the Untitled img to Stinger_Scout_Diffuse as what its suppose to have…

and double checked things where in the right place…

But did you try changing the naming convention to xxxx_DIFF? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also keep in mind the image needs to be a .tga and if you’re using GIMP make sure that compression is UNCHECKED when exporting.

yes i just tried xxx_DIFF and im still seeing HODOR Explode…dunno if its the model of if its me…gimme a while and ill make a new Basic model and see if i can fix it myself

From what I can tell based on the screenshots, it looks like you’re painting your texture in Blender, which is fine, but you have to save them out in the same folder that you’re exporting your DAE to, naming the file “Stinger_Scout_DIFF.tga” (be sure to select TGA in the image export options), then make sure that the image datablock has the same name as the file, like so:


We took into our own message thread and started stripping away parts, and at this point he cant even get a cube with engines and guns to work. I got a dae from him and it crashed inside of Visual Studio. We took off textures and his tree structure of JNTs looks fine so I’m totally lost really.

I think he must’ve missed one. I’ve only seen VS crash on a DAE when the stride doesn’t match the vertex data, and that only happens if the meshes haven’t been manually triangulated.

I’m looking at putting the automatic triangulate on export back in, I just have to figure out a better way of doing it than the exporter did originally.

I asked him that already :wink:

Ugh, stupid board software messed that reply chain up.

Is the DAE somewhere I can get it? I want to take a look at the xml.

Crisis averted. While he did triangulate HIS mesh, he forgot the little square that the engine tool generated.

I got the .blend from him to be totally sure lol.

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Well, just so this can never happen again, there’s a new release of the add-on with automated triangulation in here:



Makes life easier :smiley:


Btw I made that release, HODOREST 0.2 is out :stuck_out_tongue:


Bit of a bump and a heads up that 0.4 is out now. I swear I knew i had this licked but I keep learning things about using the application settings stuff.

As it turned out every time I made a new version it’d look like your settings were wiped because they were version specific. Thankfully the framework has a mechanism for upgrading an older setting structure to a new one. Though on my first try I was unaware that the upgrading function is really dumb and always grabs whatever is lower than itself and wasn’t smart enough to know which was the last one “saved” instead… so it was upgrading you every time you opened the program and that ALSO resulted in you never being able to save a setting because it kept reusing the old one over and over.

So fixed all of that and have confirmed that I was able to open and close HODOREST with a list of 4 ships and they all were reloaded back in properly :smiley:

Since WeaponEd use the same mechanism for saving data (the angle colors and a couple file paths) I gave it the same upgrade.

That said, if you guys have been actively using these things then it will have told you about these updates anyway and you’re prob not reading this… But hey, at least gives it a bump and lets everyone else know that I don’t leave it dead.

Also make sure to send me feedback, some of these problems stay out there far longer than they should because I’m not really ware of them because I don’t know all the test cases : P


Features for changing the .hodor settings would be nice.
For example being able to tell HODOR whether to compress the textures or not.

I am not using HODOREST right now, because it always overwrites




And because of these crashes that I told you in another thread.
It might be because HODOR ran out of Memory.
I don’t know exactly.

Yeah I was totally planning on that. Prob time I went back and revisited that :smiley:

I need to parse out this list :sweat_smile:

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