[TOOL] HWR_FontCreator - .rcf font creator

Github page: https://github.com/lone-wolf-akela/HWR_FontCreator
Download: https://github.com/lone-wolf-akela/HWR_FontCreator/releases/download/v1.0/HWR_FontCreator.zip

Simple tool to create .rcf font used in HWR from any .ttf font.



Brilliant! This is a good idea.

Wow, I’m an author of the rcf-tool mentioned in the repository. I’m glad someone used my work and developed it further.


Thank you so much for all of that! I’m working on new User Interfaces for our mods at Phoenix Interactive, and especially on Stargate and this tool helps us a lot for immersion.

I’d like to credit all people who we’ve been working on the font tool, I believe it’s you guys, @506933395 and @Demosthen?

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Glad this tool helps you.
I don’t know about @Demosthen 's team, but I am the one who worked on this tool at my side. Please refer to me in your credit by the name “Lone Wolf Akela” instead of “506933395” though (this number is just one of my email addresses and the forum just choose it as my username…)

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Noted! By the way, what is the “font baseline modification” option? Just to be sure everything is good on my end.

The font baseline is where the bottom of letters like ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’ is (which means the line should pass through the middle of letters like ‘g’ and ‘j’). I was using the baseline position information provided by the TTF font, but I found if I just write the exact baseline number into the rcf file, the letters would appear higher than it should be. Experiments show that, for most fonts, by multiply around 0.8333 to the baseline number, the font appears as it should be (though I still don’t know why).
For your own font, you may try different modification numbers there and see how it looks differently in-game.