[TOOL] HWRM Startup Profile Manager

Oh look another tool!

In experimenting with all of the facet stuff with 2.0 I found it to be a pain to edit all of this stuff via Steam’s properties for the game, or to work within a manually made shortcut in Windows that had a far-too-small text box for all of the option we might be using.

So if you’re the kinda guy that might be testing a bunch of weird settings with your mods or end up having HWRM shortcut spam on your desktop for every mod and profile you use I made this for all of you :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not ready to be deployed yet, but here’s the first mockup of the GUI:

Edit: I need to look into all the method for setting up mods, like ones that use -modpath <path> as well as a -mod <*.big>


Suggestions and doubts:

  • Lua trace still works? ;

  • btw, someone told me once that LUA is different of Lua, but I ain’t no IT guy, just commenting the nitpick;

  • Put somewhere the starting fleets with boxes 01 , 02 and 03

  • Also put start level and a fill in box to put the number of the mission.

  • No idea!
  • No biggie, can change
  • Certainly! I need to look into how those work myself
  • Yeah that shouldn’t be too hard

Any other things? Debuggy or log options I’m missing here? I’m going off of the old lists from HW2C so yeah it’s possible there’s some new things I’m missing or I have options for old stuff that doesn’t even work like in the case of LuaTrace :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would love some tooltips for all the options. :blush:

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Yeah I was thinking about that :wink:

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A small correction that might help: if you want to spare excess of info, you can put a dropdown list where we choose “starting fleets” or “starting levels” and this dropdown is sided by a fill in box to put the number.

And that’s because if you use one command you won’t use the other, so it’s a way to use the same space.
I hope this can be helpful somehow.

Could you add -ssTGA to the options please ?
It changes the format of screenshots from jpg to tga, which is a LOT better, especially when you need to work on UI stuff :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw that option, I’ll go ahead and add a few of the other great screenshot options like it being able to take black and white screenies


Thanks ! :smiley:

Here’s a tooltip for ya @PayDay , I have define several others already, but can’t exactly mouse over them all at once XD

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This will be very useful. Thanks a bunch!

I now am poking the DATAWORKSHOPMODS folder and detecting the HWRM mods in it and reading their config.txt to get a name and *.big name

EDIT: I got them using their preview images too :sunglasses:


If it isn’t too much of a bother, I think the latest patch added a -CameraDragX and -CameraDragY which comes in handy to tweak the in-game camera sensitivity.

Great work on the tool and thanks :slight_smile:


Oh nice I hadn’t read through the patchnotes to know BV had already put that in, I could automate it for you to multiply it based on a 1920x1080 screen :stuck_out_tongue:

(But also allow manual edits)

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“Launcher” and “FullScreen” are options I wouldn’t offer. If you don’t choose anything, they are the default.

Just looking to be explicit about what you’re getting :wink:

I don’t edit my command-line, ever…

I just throw everything into a single file and load that with -params=FILENAME - makes life much easier. But hey, more tools is fine!

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Okay I think I got all the main features everyone wanted, gonna start the actual implementation of them all :stuck_out_tongue:


mpbeta isn’t used or needed any longer. We aren’t ‘beta’ anymore. BackFOV should be 70 if facets are used. Otherwise, the background ‘swims’ against the foreground - anyone who claims to prefer that is insane.


Good to know :smiley: