[TOOL] New FXTool for Homeworld Remastered (FXToolRM)

In an attempt at better editing weapon and other effects files, I’m announcing (somewhat ambitious) plans for the development of a visual FX editor for Homeworld Remastered.

Before someone tries to stop me with the “But we already have one released in the RDN Dev Tools…”, yes, I know. It sucks. It’s really difficult to set up (but not impossible). It requires extracted data (which can be a pain). And I’m sure there’s more reasons why I think it sucks; I just don’t want to think about them as I’m writing this.

So without further elaboration, here’s the first screenshot from the program (yes, I know it’s not much, but I’ll challenge you to figure out if you can guess what direction I want to go with this updated version):

(I haven’t yet added the “buttons” indicated by the red text, but they’ll be there soon.)

The purpose of this first post is such:

Which would make more sense?
Having items near the bottom of the “Modifications” list have higher priority, or items nearer the top have priority?


I would say top=priority personnaly

This is what I normally would lean towards, but what prompted this thought discussion is the fact that “Homeworld2.big” is at the base (low priority), but near the top. I’m okay with breaking that top=low priority style if it would make more sense to have priority given to items higher in the Modifications list.

I understand your logic.

But just so you know, I seem to remember one of the dev (I would say @Bitvenom but I’m not sure) saying that the dataUpdate would disappear in the long run (certainly when the code is more “final”). My memory could totally be wrong though ^^

Regardless of whether or not it disappears, I don’t believe there is any harm in having it in, especially in the meantime. All it takes is a quick edit (could even be even another setting!) to remove it.

Yay for a new FXTool! :smiley:

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Even if dataupdate vanishes in the next update, it might come back in the future.

An FX tool would be amazing. I look forward to more of this.

Any update on this tool? :slightly_smiling:

Yes, but no. I have been working on this, but I don’t have anything major to show.


Will you be uploading to github or someplace similar?

Maybe once I get more comfortable with the state of the program, sure. The biggest roadblock I’ll be facing is how to implement the particle system (either from scratch, or using a pre-existing one, I’m not yet quite sure) in a way that reflects what actually happens in-game. I’m waiting until the end to get that written, and it’s at that point that I’ll probably upload it. The vision I see/want to have happen is to have a functional UI in place to edit values.

Update: I have successfully integrated Lua into the program, so now it can read Lua files, even if they are compiled!


Update: Got the import code working (hopefully without bugs), and now I’m moving onto the Property Editor UI.

I’d post some screenshots, but I’m not currently on my build computer.

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It would be awesome to have the .anim files load correctly, that is the one thing that always crashed in the rdn tool for me

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@EvilleJedi I’ll look into it.

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(not much of an) update: I haven’t forgotten about this; work has just been really kicking my butt in recent weeks…

I’m still trying to get back into my rainbowUI project after several weeks/months of work…
Being away from a project during a long time is really bad for getting back into it, especially when it’s coding !

Current progress:

I wasn’t satisfied with the previous rendition of the UI, so I scrapped it in favor of this one… That being said, I did “lose” some of the additions I’d made with the previous UI; but I didn’t delete those files, so I can still re-add those features (specifically the data path selector).


Squee!! Is it able to reference child fx simultaneously or will they each need to be edited separately?


Did I prompt this with my question about Fx? :slight_smile:

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