[TOOL] PayDay's Map Editor

(Nathanius) #41

I’m honestly not convinced its your map editor, but something freaky is going on under the hood…

I tried it with a couple of different backgrounds, but no default ones. I’ll test this theory tonight…

(B8factor) #42

I finally got around to installing this. very awesome but even more important, very useful!

I will catch up on the posts to see all the conversation but the first question that popped in my head when I started using it was is there a method to turning off visibility of objects? Sort of a layers type function? My map has so many objects I am having trouble sorting it out… right now the fastest way for me to do it was to duplicate my entire map and then manually cut the dust clouds out so I could see the other objects more clearly.

So glad this tool was made… i kid you not when i say i was just about to make a physical representation of my map with cardboard just so I could better see the placement of XYZ objects, LOL. This tool just saved me a lot of time.

(Christoph Timmermann) #43

Ohhh dang!
I had that idea after I added Spheres, because it was soo clusterfu****. :joy:
But somehow I forgot to implement that before the release.

Wow that’s serious. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the feedback.


(B8factor) #44

Yeah, let me explain with pictures why i was going to do that (make my map with cardboard).

When trying to make in game scenes for my mission map something as simple as this scene (the least complicated one I have) takes forever trying to align camera, ships, etc when just working with LUA file and numbers. Having a WYSIWYG makes the process so much easier!

PS sorry for the video quality, i was in a hurry to get to work. You can see the scene(s) in the mission map when they are released, hehe.

Fixed the vid issue.

(Nathanius) #45

Well, test complete. It’s just my backgrounds that need to be listed twice in NonDetermChunk() to load… but ■■■■■■ if I know why that is… why would they work but only if you call them twice?

The distinct lack of logging around maps and levels is quite frustrating, for example I accidentally put a dust cloud in an “addNebula” and it crashed without telling me why >_<

(Christoph Timmermann) #46

@b8factor That cutscene is very well done. :wink:

That’s probably because of the dust cloud type, as I wrote in the manual:

Some dust cloud types are crashing the game without info in the log (though they work in the HW1 campaign).
The first (default) one is one of them, so keep that in mind.

(Siber) #47

Getting a chance to tinker with this more today than I have up till now, one annoyance I have is that it continues to get camera control inputs when it’s not the active window. Scrolling around my browser shouldn’t change the zoom in the map editor in the background.

(Siber) #48

A slightly goofy feature idea: Load one of the cubemaps from the background you’ve picked for the map(perhaps as an option) as the background to get a bit more sense of place when editing a map.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #49

That looks awesome! Nice camera work. I remember trying to convince @Pouk a while ago that things like this were possible without NIS…

(REARM V2) #50

Yes you did.
Still I feel very uninformed about the scope of what this can’t do that NIS can, what are the limitations.

(B8factor) #51

I do not want to hijack PayDay’s topic so some time in the near future(after my mission as gone public and the scenes have all been scene as part of the story) I will post all my cut scenes and explain how I did them(in a new post of that topic) and what the limitations where. I will explain why this can substitute just fine for an NIS editor but also why an NIS edit woudl still be awesome.

(Nathanius) #52

Haha! No wonder I missed it :sweat_smile:

(Nathanius) #53

So I found out what the issue was, I deleted some level lights as I was wanting to dim the level from the very bright level it was at. Turns out the game loads the lights anyway and just has a fit when there’s no parameters for them. >_<

Listing the level file twice gave the game enough instances of the background to satisfy the level lighting, allowing it to load…

(ajlsunrise) #54

Well, at least you were able to figure it out! :smiley:


Could you add the option of choosing between rectangular and circular grid?

(ajlsunrise) #56

Could you be a little more specific?


A circular or polar grid would look like this:

(ajlsunrise) #58

So, divisions would be in 10 degree segments?

(B8factor) #59

Any new releases in the works?

Loving this tool. Currently, since there are no layers of visibility I keep 4-5 copies of my map in a directory (it really is easier than it sounds).

I sometimes just look at all the spheres for planning AI attack routes. When I want to make a scene I zoom real close with very small spheres to see how my “actors” will be set up for the scene. I also really enjoying using to to make sure a cloud, nebula, or Sphere is just the right size for my need.

what ever the use I then save the file and copy and paste the data to my real map.

Ironically I have yet to use it to make a real map, LOL but it is quickly becoming a tool I cant live without. Thanks a million for making it!


(Christoph Timmermann) #60

Looks great, right?
But now let’s look at m02

Dang, I can’t see!
Any ideas on how to solve this little problem?
Just tinting the background looks pretty ugly and doesn’t make that much difference…
Maybe I’ll add a checkbox to disable that.

Well, as I said I don’t have much time for non-school projects anymore. :frowning:
But I’m trying my best to push stuff out, it’s great to see how people use these tools.