[TOOL] PayDay's Map Editor

(Siber) #61

I’d try a fade slider, let people decide how visible they want it to be on a background per background basis. I’m pretty surpised the m02 BG is that dang bright though.

(Sastrei) #62

Are you loading the _HQ_ cubemaps?

(Christoph Timmermann) #63

Looks like the best solution.

Well, this isn’t the real background, just the reflection source.
They probably made the cubemaps brighter for prettier reflections.

It tries to load the HQ ones, it it fails, it tries to load the other ones.

(Christoph Timmermann) #64

Done. The fading factor gets saved/loaded per background.

I’ll also look at batching (less Draw* calls) to improve performance now.


I may be alone, but having those drop lines like in the game that indicate elevation above or below the map plane might be nice.


10 degrees would be okay. But in your screenshot you have 10 sections per 90 degrees, which is not the same.

Alternately, you could let the map maker decide how many degrees.

Lastly, maybe you could offer the map maker some math functions/shapes, like spirals, ellipses, etc… That’s what I started to do with my map maker (before I lost interest).

(Christoph Timmermann) #67

This is a random map generated in the map editor using Star Trek Continuum’s generator. (@Nathanius gave it to us)

I finally managed to set up a regular expression that finds for loops. The editor converts them to Lua 5 syntax.
Along with that, @radar3301 implemented dofilepath.
That means that you can use your unmodified scripts in the editor. :wink:

(Snake_B5) #68

Lua 5 ? You know that HW2/R uses Lua 4, right ? (ignore my comment if it’s not relevant and/or I completely misunderstood your post)

(Christoph Timmermann) #69

That’s why it converts it. :smile:
NLua (the library I use for the Lua interpreter) works with Lua 5 only.

(Snake_B5) #70

I knew I was being an idiot :laughing:

(B8factor) #71

well… when he name Dwarfinator pops in my head… idiot is the further-est thing i think of. You have saved me countless times.

(Snake_B5) #72

I really don’t know what to answer to that, you’re too kind good sir :flushed: :flushed:

(Sastrei) #73

BTW if you’re still looking for a slick name for it I nominate “Cartographer”

(Nathanius) #74

Ooh, that’s fantastic! Top notch work gentlemen! :smiley:

(ajlsunrise) #75

Silent Cartographer? :wink: It’s a shame that isn’t a Homeworld reference…

How about “The Guidestone”?

(Sastrei) #76

Ooh I like Guidestone much better. Cartographer was actually the only thing I could come up with to continue the GoT references (they employed an actual professional cartographer for their title maps), in this case, rather than the more obvious Halo reference.

But like I said, I like Guidestone better. :smiley:

(ajlsunrise) #77

Not having watched, or having any desire to watch, Game of Thrones, I wouldn’t be able come up with any references…

(Christoph Timmermann) #78

That’s a PropertyGrid, I decided to try it out to simplify things.
What’s so great about this is, that it gathers the properties automatically via reflection, so I don’t have to create and implement the GUI for each type again…
And you can edit the properties of many objects at once now.

About the name…
I don’t know yet, we need more ideas and then a poll. :smile:

(B8factor) #79

Here is an example of where a LAYERS tool would be nice.

In the screen below where the red arrow points, I have spheres, within spheres, within spheres.

  • The first layer of small spheres are hyperspace locations for an in game scene.
  • The next up layer is a sphere for when the player enters an objective location.
  • The larger sphere above that is an area where I want the AI player to change behaviors.

It would be nice if every map object could have metadata (a field) to specify what layer it is in. So I could make Spheres for Scenes dissapear when I do not need them and just concentrate on AI behavior. Or visa a versa.

Currently how I handle this is not horrible though. I copy my original map and simply delete everything I do not want. Then I work with a dummy map to get what I want and copy paste it back into my original map. A manual layer, :slight_smile:

Even doing this I save tons of time with this tool. Once you get the tool working for map development for MULTI player games there are all kinds of things you can do to make life easier for campaign maps as well.

(Christoph Timmermann) #80

Yeah, that all makes sense. Definitely a helpful feature.
But when thinking about this… how can the layer for each object be saved?
This is important as you don’t want to set all of the layers up again each time you load the map.

Some objects have names, but some don’t (Pebbles, Asteroids, etc…)
The only way I see is to assign IDs to all objects according to the order they are created in the lua file.
(And save the layer information in a comment within the level file maybe)