[TOOL] PayDay's Map Editor

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #141

I use an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series. Older, but still reliable for games.
Not sure on this part, but the GPU Caps Viewer utility says it is OpenGL 4.5 (307 ext).
HWRM runs fine at max. settings

(Christoph Timmermann) #142

Hmm… I use an AMD Radeon HD 5770, never had problems with the Map editor/DAEnerys/HWRM.

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #143

Understood. It may turn out be a really small or trivial thing such as 32-bit vs 64-bit, missing or dated .dll files, or something else (such as OpenGL, as was mentioned). That said, I’d still like to pursue this case as your map editor seems a Sajuuk-sent for the modding scene and I’m apparently not the only one experiencing this particular issue.

My tech know-how is limited, but naturally I’ll provide whatever info or data that might be of use in resolving this. Thank you for your time and efforts.

(ajlsunrise) #144

Would it be possible for you to upload a video of you experiencing this error?

(WildHeart|GENESIS|) #145

I’ve attached a .webm of what I see a few posts above ([TOOL] PayDay's Map Editor) as well as a screenshot of the view that briefly appears in-between mouse clicks (also above). It’s pretty much all I can share sadly, as the program itself works and there are no error messages or crashes.

(Christoph Timmermann) #146


Hello guys, due to some problems that came up with the editor, I finally decided to put some time into this again…

Together with @reylandaz I fixed a problem with the renderer (some strange issue with a reserved keyword in a GLSL shader on some GPUs) that some people had.

I added some features a long time ago that never made it into a release, so now I have got them into a useable state.

New features

Cubemaps as background

The cubemap textures from DATA:/background/[background] are now displayed as a background in the editor. You can fade them out in the settings window on a per-background basis for better visibility.

Polar grid

You can change between the rectangular and a polar (circle) grid in the settings window.


Property grid for object modification

I introduced a helpful control that lets you edit object properties much easier, this also allows for editing multiple objects at once (if they all have the property that you want to change).


As you can see, it displays a short description for all values.

Undo/redo system

All actions are now kept in a history, so you can press CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y to undo and redo any changes.

Lua code editor and execution

I added a little lua script editor inside the editor that lets you run any lua code (that is meant to be inside a .level file). The editor itself is Scintilla (used for example in Notepad++).

Selection improvements

  • Double-click on any object to select all objects of that type
  • Number of selected objects is displayed at the bottom left
  • CTRL+Left click to add to selection (this also works with the box selection)
  • ALT+Left click to remove from selection (this also works with the box selection)

Bug fixes

  • Lua 4-for-loops now get properly executed
  • All functions available in HWRM levels are now available in the editor lua interpreter (thanks to @radar3301)
  • Fixed shader compile error on certain GPUs
  • Squadrons now get cleared from memory after loading a map/clicking on “New”

Also the performance should be improved overall.
Updated libraries are included.



Please let me know if any issues occur or if you have suggestions.
I did not implement all of the already made suggestions because I wanted to push a release first.

(ajlsunrise) #147

What was the reserved GLSL keyword?

(Christoph Timmermann) #148

“active” in a fragment shader struct.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #149

It works now! Thank you so much!

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #150

Now that It works, I made a new map with it!

It’s an 8 player map, The Great Garden of Kadesh. A map that combines the m07 and m08 maps from HW1 into one. The Cathedral of Kadesh can be found in the center of the map. The Cathedral contains a derelict Khar-Toba, a derelict carrier, and some debris.

Let me know what you think.

(ajlsunrise) #151

For reference: [MOD] Homeworld Universal Conquest

(Nathanius) #152

OOOOH! This will be really helpful when making sure the right files are called the right things for the cube maps!