[TOOL] Play Balancing Mod for HWRM v2.3.0

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/play-balancing-mod-for-hwrm


Here’s a preview of the spreadsheets I am working on:


I just realized that I forgot to take into account the fact that Hiigaran and Vaygr fighters and corvettes come in bunches. Is there a way to spawn only one of these ships at time? Do you guys think it would be better not to and instead just to leave things as they are?


If you wanted to spawn in a singular fighter, I believe you’d have to edit the squadron size down to 1 in the .ship file.

Which is better in your opinion? I don’t know what players would be more interested in knowing, combat statistics of individual ships, or the squadron of ships you end up building. I am leaning toward the former.

Also, what is the difference between SquadronSize and buildBatch?


2.1.0 — 2016/08/05
• Added the “DisplayText” variable so now you can print some arbitrary text to
the screen to stay organized.
• Added an example of running multiple instances of the mod and game to the
• Updated the documentation with additional tips.
• Placed the time duration measurements and display text at the start of the
output file instead of the end.
• The printed output file names are now numbered to make it easier to tell at a
glance what they contain.
• The script was ignoring the research list when determining whether two ships
were the “same” or not.
• The script now properly detects whether you have specified values for
Player1End and Player2End that are greater than the length of the ship lists.
• Other minor tweaks.


2.1.1 — 2016/08/07
• Added spaces around commas in research lists.
• Created a new variable called “MakeImmobile”. Enemy ships will now move about
as per normal when attacked unless this setting is enabled. This setting is
disabled by default.

I found some instructions on the Web on how to create a batch file that automatically restarts the game after it quits.

This is necessary because you can’t simply let the game run forever, or it will run out of memory.

Exiting the game and restarting is the only way to reclaim lost memory unfortunately.

cd %HWRM%\Bin\Release
start "a" /B /WAIT HomeworldRM.exe -overrideBigFile -luatrace -hardwareCursor -w 800 -h 600 -windowed -ssTGA -moddatapath DataPlayBalancingHWRM_a -freeMouse -traceHODs  -nosound -noMovies -quickLoad  -campaign playbalancing -startinglevel testlevel -superTurbo -logfilename=%HWRM%\Bin\Release\HwRM_a.log
echo Press Ctrl-C if you don't want to restart automatically
ping -n 10 localhost
goto Start

To be honest, I’m not sure what the difference is, I’ll see if I can look into it in the next few nights.

Also, I think it would be very useful to know the stats of both! (a Squadron’s effectiveness, and an individual ship’s effectiveness)

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Okay, I will measure both.


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