[TOOL] Stats Tool

This tool shows Homeworld Remastered Ship, Weapon, Research, Subsystem and UnitCap stats from Homeworld Remastered. It also compares the stats to an older version of Homeworld Remastered (or Homeworld 2), and highlights changes.

You can view it online in your browser or download it here:

The tool is currently comparing the 2.1 Patch to the 1.3 Patch.

I built the tool to help Gearbox and the other balance testers with balance testing. Currently it just shows stats for Hiig/Vay/Kus/Tai, but if anyone requests to do so, I’ll make it flexible so that the tool can be used on mods and other races!


Looks pretty useful, nice work. :wink:
I suppose it’s written in ASP.NET?

I created my “PlayBalancing” mod to test unit vs unit performance in HW2.


Maybe someone with my permission can adapt it to HWRM?

Thanks! Its actually just VBA code inside Excel. If you download the Excel file you can crack open the code by simply pressing Alt+F11.

In hindsight I could have made it much more flexible - but it was built in a hurry with just MP balance testing in mind. :slight_smile:


I would appreciate this, balancing can be difficult and every perspective helps! We’ve got to redo our balancing sheet for STC sooner or later too :expressionless:

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