[TOOL] Viserion WEPN File Editor

I hope others will get use out of this, though primarily I created it to try to finally learn some programming. Be careful using this on any production files, it should work as expected, but I’m sure there’s glitches and cases/conditions that I did not account for.

I’m thinking of a few ways to improve it already, such as making a “light” mode, where it only breaks out the startWeaponConfig function and maybe the Penetration and Accuracy tables, and tosses the rest in a big text window.

The add/remove buttons for each section I presume can be confusing, but I’m not sure if reducing them to +/- buttons would be even more confusing or not.

Additionally, there’s also the possibility of adding browse buttons for all the spots where it references external files.

Finally, I do intend to add tooltips and comments to all the fields, referencing back to the GitHub Karos Wiki.


That’s really cool man

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Neato! That’s always a pain in the butt to count which variable you’re on in that first line. I haven’t checked in a while, but there were some entries at the end, where it was hard to tell what they were even about sometimes. What did you use as resources to see what all of that stuff does?

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So far it’s been a matter of chasing down old forum threads or consulting with Fear and Siber to see what every thing does. Or just guessing. Or not knowing yet. :grin:

Could always poke around my repo since I clearly havent gotten around to updating mine heheh

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