[TOOL] XUnpack - .big decryption and extraction GUI

(Xercodo) #1


Down with command line tediousness!

I made another GUI, and this time it’s a simple big extractor. You give it the HW directory and it finds the Data, DataUpdates, and GBXTools folders from there and uses the decrypter from here to decrypt the big files before using Archive.exe from GBX to extract them.

If the big file doesn’t need to be decrypted then it just copies the big file to the tools folder to be extracted. Once the big file is extracted it deletes the copy it made and moves on to the next one. When extracting another folder with the same name as the big file will be put in the selected output directory.

Now it’s just a simple zip to grab and contains all the standard features I’ve had in my past couple tools: Automatic version checking with github and maintains the HW and output directories between sessions.

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(Siber) #2

Very nice. Having a tool like this really helps when the big updates roll through. A useful addition might be to teach it what the locale names are and allow it to auto-filter all but one, so you don’t have to manually deselect all the languages.

(Xercodo) #3

Probably, yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a only a short list right? :wink:

And yes, that’s exactly why I made it. The big recent update meant a bunch of re-extraction.

(Siber) #4

Yeah. I’ve had my own script for doing this, but it’s… fragile. Your take looks much more suited for distribuition. :smiley:

(Nathanius) #5

Very nice! You’re pretty handy Xercodo! :smiley:

I only have one suggestion, the ability to have all the files extracted into a single folder instead of their own folders. I lump everything in together in a “base” and “update” folder and it’s easier not having to hunt through a dozen folders to find what you’re looking for :wink:

(Snake_B5) #6

It seems some files are not extracted, like the animatics for example (webm files if I’m not mistaken)

(Xercodo) #7

There aren’t any animatics in the base big files.

Those are floating in …\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\DataHW1Campaign\Animatics

(Xercodo) #8

@EatThePath @Nathanius 1.1 is now out :wink:

And yeah, I totally agreed with you both on how that should be set up to make things easiest to work with. I was thinking of those 2 features from the beginning, but was waiting to do those, especially the languages because that was a silly amount of flags.

All the individual languages and the separate folder options are saved and reloaded each time you open it :smile:

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(Snake_B5) #10

Ah yes, sorry for that :confused:

(Sastrei) #11

Multilingual as hell

Best checkbox option ever.

(Christoph Timmermann) #12

Awesome tool!
Thank you for your effort, and that checkbox rocks.

(Xercodo) #13

Bumping this so people can see it in lieu of today’s update. They gonna need to extract again :wink:

(Also edited the title to make it clear what “XUnpack” is and why they would care)

(Siber) #14

A further comment: Personally I’d rather take the combined folders approach further, put everything in one place and just overwrite the base with the updates.

(Xercodo) #15


But no really. I thought about that too. Moar check bawx.


(Xercodo) #16

Now with radio buttons instead to cover all 3 cases. Includes tooltips!

Also wanted to try playing with the alpha channel of a screenshot so I inverted it and took out the black :smile:

And a normal one

And now the outside edge removed but maintained the subtle shadow


What all needs to be installed in order for this tool to work?

Will this tool extract mods as well?

(Xercodo) #18

All you need is to have the GBX mod toolkit installed from steam so that it can use the Archive.exe to do the actual unpacking. Besides that basic .NET stuff, which is now default on most modern Windows versions.

And no, it will not extract mods. It only extracts what is found in the Data folders where the main bigs for the game are. HOwever you could probably fool my tool into extracting a mod for you by just pasting the big in there :smiley:

(Xercodo) #19

Bump in light of the super patch releasing later today :stuck_out_tongue:

(Christoph Timmermann) #20

Looking forward to it. :slight_smile: