[TOOL] XUnpack - .big decryption and extraction GUI

(Chimas) #21

I’m extracting/updating it now.
2 suggestions:
1 - create a LANGUAGE tab and move all those bigs there, the interface will get cleaner for the important stuff;

2 - I don’t think it’s possible, but a way to extract/update only the Lua files (I think that would have to be done in XUnpack, if possible, not sure).

(Snake_B5) #22

I suppose 2 would only be possible by extracting to a temporary folder and only copy the lua files back. I don’t know if archive.exe have an optionnal command to do it directly :confused:


Could you link to this? Google just directs me back to this thread.

(Xercodo) #24

Right here

(Kenny The Klever) #25

I only just discovered your tool now. It’s very nice to be able to do away with various command line shenanigans when one is a tech-illiterate pleb like myself.

The useful beginners mod-making tutorial on /r/homeworld ought to be updated to account for this tool you made…

(Migz-DH) #26

If you experience a crash while trying to run this, make sure that you have the “Homeworld Remastered Toolkit” installed via Steam.

(Xercodo) #27

Get anything back from the crash?

Try running it as an admin. The drive you’re writing to might be protected. If that doesn’t work then make sure the right click the exe for the decrypter and make that run as admin too with compatibility mode. Also make sure the exe isn’t being blocked by windows because it was downloaded.

(Xercodo) #29

Welp that’s of no help to me… lol

What is your selected HW Directory?

And you have the GBXTools installed?

(Xercodo) #31

See the screenshot above, they are installed via steam

(Migz-DH) #32

Yep, that was it. The file is extracting right now. Thanks!

(Herbyguitar) #33

Is there no easy way? Is there no stand alone extractor that doesn’t rely on misc tools and hierarchy from gearbox and steam, that just extracts a big file?

(Xercodo) #34

This IS the easy way xD

You need to use gbx tools because they changed how the .big format works. So long as you have your gbxtools installed you should be fine

But I suppose if I were to revive this I could just wrap all of the executable and components together into one zip that put it all there for you.

It’s just that if you ever wanna share your mod, put it on the steam workshop and stuff, you need the toolset because it includes the systems for uploading as well

(Herbyguitar) #35

All I want to do is extract my models I accidentally deleted from my drive. It’s been a while. I don’t even remember how to get GBX tools. Nothing on Steam looks even close to it. Don’t know where to look.

@LeviathansWrath : Do you have an unpacked version of the mod? I just want to get my models back. I don’t want to have to stand on my head to figure out where to put this and what to do with that just to get at some models. I slept since the last time I used GBX tools and I’ve forgotten what knobs to turn and buttons to push… I’m not even sure if I still have GBX tools installed and how to use them anymore.

(Leviathans Wrath) #36

@herbyguitar sorry herb I Don’t and if I do still have them I put them on the sourceforge page and they are in RAR format and in addition are in the mod itself so you would need a big decompiler.Sorry bro I do not have access to a computer presently I just moved all my stuff out of my apartment in the middle of cleaning it out completely in preparation for getting moved over to open door mission .

(Herbyguitar) #37

Found it!!! ‘MOD Packer’

(Leviathans Wrath) #38


(Herbyguitar) #39

Found 9 of my really old models… didn’t find my Taidan Mothership though. Wish I’d have given it to you. I loved that ship.

(Leviathans Wrath) #40

Did u look at source forge taiidan object rar file?

(Herbyguitar) #41

I couldn’t unzip HWUniverse.BIG. It said the file was corrupt. Had to find it on another site… No I didn’t look at Taiidanobject.RAR. I just downloaded the mod.BIG you sent the link to.

(Leviathans Wrath) #42

U need winrar for.it.