Tooltips, and the lack thereof

So I couldn’t find a thread on this, despite facing seen people mention it in other threads. Thought I’d throw this out there, despite it not being me complaining about an “op” character :wink:

Tooltips. Descriptions. Cooldowns, stats, etc. They’re there, to an extent. Well, not cd’s. But everything else is kinda there.
Literally any other hero based game (since people flip when I call it a moba), there are accurate descriptions of everything. Cooldowns, for one, are ALWAYS listed. That drives me crazy. Or, did. Now that I’ve tried almost all the characters, it’s not so bad. But I don’t have perfect memory, and so when I’m first using a character, I’m usually in pvp. I have to spam the move a couple times to help remember the cd. Unless I have a move actively on cd, I can’t tell how long it’ll be.
Now that may seem trivial, but I’m very analytic. I time out my cd’s with where I am as opposed to the enemy, and how long it’ll take us to collide, where I’ll be aiming, I’m just very ocd. If it takes me 17-seconds to kill a thrall camp as melka and her spike has a 12 second cd, as the enemies are pushing into our sentry, I need to know things like that so I’ll initiate with spike so that I can slow enemies.
Sorry for the rambling. Another thing lacking, scaling. This is an issue with many games, and also not a huge one, but an issue nonetheless. Whenever I check the damage of a skill throughout a game, it should be accurate per level. I honestly don’t know if it is or not, but what I would like is to know what level damage I’m looking at in Command section. Are the helixes that include damage set at their level? Or does it show everything at level one to start? It would be ideal to actually see the dps per level of each skill/helix upgrade.
Actual character damage descriptions! Take Pheobe’s true strike for example! I have no idea how much that does in comparison to her 4 hit combo! Does a 2nd strike true strike deal more than two hits off the normal combo? How does Atty’s charged strike compare to his basic attack? Melka’s melee to her gun, with and without venom bonus?

I know someone is gonna tell me to look it up, and I would, but I don’t even know if they’ve updated the Bb bible yet. Last I heard, it didn’t have last week’s patch in it. That was Saturday or Sunday though, so I don’t know.
Also, I’m lazy. I’d rather have this stuff incorporated into the game, as that’s where I will be looking… Cuz, y’know, game should have information on game…

Friendly to Not quite hostile comments welcome! Maybe I’m crazy for thinking this, maybe it’s there and I just somehow didn’t see it, maybe you just wanna yell at me. Go for it.
Oh and to the mods, move this if necessary, I couldn’t really think of where to put it.

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I really wish there were more details. I would like to know what option will deal more damage in which situation, rather than constantly winging it and trying to figure it out slowly.

Battleborn lacks all of kinds of information on skills and especially gear. “Gain 10 stacks that do… By doing…” But how long do the stacks lack or are they lost by doing something?

Orendi pillar fall hits all Battleborn in “range” what range? Radius from the player? Come shape that hits 20m in front of the player? WHO KNOWS?

Etc. etc.

I agree, the more information the better. I would like to know what’s considered skill damage and what’s attack damage since there are some nuances in the game (isic’s charged up shot has both types of damage).

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Yes! I forgot about what qualifies as skill and attack damage. I mean to add that. Because thinks like guns and having someone stab you in the face, attack. Easy. Bursts of rapid fire magic? I’d assume skill. But since it’s orendi’s basic, it’s probably attack.
Someone like Caldy, do all of his helix options end up being skill damage? Minus the increased blades damage. Or do some of them affect attack damage through skills?

I personally like LoL’s method of color coding the damages. Also thank you for letting me know I’m not crazy in wanting this.