Toon cross loot sharing and game longevity suggestion

One of the biggest frustrations in BL2 was time constraints on playing every character. For many, starting the story line from scratch, for each toon and leveling them is time consuming enough where many friends of mine ( including me ) will likely ever play one toon in the game.

With the introduction of anointed gear I had an idea. What if players had the “ OPTION” so that when a new toon was started it began at level 50 and you could share your gear from toon to toon. In this manner, at least in my opinion, you would have far more players try out every character in the game without having to do the same story line twice( NVHM, TVHM) x 4. Now obviously where the fun factor comes into play is if your playing FL4k and are able to share all your lvl 50 loot with Zane for example… you will most definitely want to replace weapons , class mods etc with the appropriate anointed gear. In essence your toons become friends with one another where loot can be cross pollinated. I want to stress again that something like this could be an option and not forced upon everyone who may want to run each toon through the entire game

This idea was largely due to the response received on my “ Borderlands Dads “ post. For many of my peers( late 40’s, 50’s) the prospect of maxing every toon out is simply unrealistic due to nothing more than a varying stage in life which can dramatically cut down on play time. This might seem like a ridiculous concept for many but for me, I would love to be able to play every toon in this game and experiment with all the skill tree, weapon and mod combos this game has to offer before 2030 :blush:

Playing on PC, I just ask for a level 50 save file to test a VH out, sell all their stuff, reset the campaign. I like doing the story mission because I like context when slaughtering things, but I can’t see myself doing the POIs again.

Story mission is fun from scratch a few times . I would have an equal amount of fun starting with a leveled toon, my existing loot pool then battling all the bosses in an attempt to get the proper, anointed gear per toon! The optionality is really endless.