Toons in each game?

Just curious as to which at what level characters you guys have across the three games?

No point mentioning mule only toons, just your mains.

Here’s mine, currently.


Lilith - 69
Mordecai - 13


Zero: 52
Maya: 53
Krieg: 72
Gaige: 72
Sal: 55
Axton: 66


Wilhelm: 50
Nisha: 51
Jack: 52
Aurelia: 61
Clappy: 53
Athena: 50

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All at 70 for TPS, all at 72 for BL 2.

For BL 1, Lilith and Mordy at 69, Roland at 55, Brick at 35.

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Wow man.

I know how long it’s taken to me to get my toons to where they are…

BL 1:
Roland 35

Nisha 56
Wilhelm 12

Gaige 33

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All at max.

Axton, Maya, Gaige, and Krieg at max.
Zer0 at 40
Salvador at 38

Nisha at 62
Athena at 57
Wilhelm in mid-to-high 20’s
Timothy and Aurelia in late 10’s
Claptrap at 10

BL1MasterRace :P.

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The Holy Church of Shooting Knoxx in the Face

Fixed :P.

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I have multiples of most characters so I’ll just list the highest level of each.

OP 8 Sal
OP 8 Maya
OP 3 Krieg
63 Axton
54 Gaige
16 Zer0

68 Nisha
60 Athena
52 Aurelia
52 Claptrap
50 Wilhelm
50 Timothy

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Ive got multiples in bl2 and tps as well, non mule characters who i actually played thru with sitting between 16 and 47, probably 3 or 4 per game.

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Yeah, that describes like half my characters right there.

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Mains not including mules:
BL1: Roland, Lilith, and Mordecai (no Brick): all at 69
BL2: 2x Maya, 2x Zer0, 2x Gaige, 2x Axton, and Salvador (no Krieg): all at OP8
TPS: Nisha, Aurelia, Wilhelm, Claptrap, and Athena (no Jack): all at 72

I have a couple of low-level characters in the games that aren’t mules that I keep for co op with friends (ranging from level 2 to maybe 59), but I don’t consider them mains either.

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Bl1: lilith: 69 mordecai: 43 roland: 65 brick: 3
Bl2: everyone level 72 except salvador
Bltps: jack: 48 athena: 70 Aurelia: 23 nisha: 21 wilhelm: 10

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Roland - 69
Lilith - 69
Mordecai - 69
Brick - 69

Maya - OP8
Axton - OP8
Salvador - OP5
Krieg - OP1
Zer0 - OP1
Gaige - 72

Wilhelm - 69
Nisha - 50
Athena - 12
Claptrap - 8
Jack - 4
Aurelia - 0

I need to do some work in TPS it seems…

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Oh my….

Brick - 32

Axton - OP5*
Maya - 40
Zero - 35
Gaige - 27
Sal - 25
Krieg - 16

Nisha - 64
Athena - 33
Claptrap - 25
Wilhelm - 13
Jack - 10
Aurelia - 0

*note that Axton was my introduction to the BL universe. I played him to 50, farmed the hell out of virtually every legendary and unique in the game, bought the cap increase, farmed again at 61, increased the cap and stalled in the OP levels (got a little bored). I probably put at least 4x the required time into discovering and farming loot than was necessary but it was part of the exploration and learning curve.

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BL1 I have a Brick at 69 and nothing else. I tried Roland and Lillith for 10 or so levels but ended up deleting them for some reason. Don’t need anyone but Brick.

BL2 I have Krieg at OP4 or 5 (haven’t played him in months)

A Maya at 68. A Gaige at 52 that I only recently leveled, and a Sal I’ve just started. I’ve deleted a bunch of characters too for some reason. My original Sal, a bandit allegiance Maya etc.

TPS I have a 70 Nisha, a 70 Clappy and a handful of assorted characters from 15-40. I got bored of Wilhelm and Athena around 30 or so.

Still gotta give Aurelia a good try.

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BL1 Roland, Mord and Lilith 69, Brick 16
BL2- All at OP 2
BTPS- all at 70

Lilith - 7xL69; 1xL59; 1xL48
Brick - 4xL69; 1xL63; 1xL54; 1xL52
Roland - 2xL69; 1xL54; 1xL10
Mordecai - 1xL69; 1xL65; 1xL61

Maya - 2xOP8; 1xL30
Sal - 1xOP8 (powerful but boring :smile: )
Axton - 1xOP3; 1xL37
Zero - 1xL55 (never mastered him :worried: )
Krieg - 1xL72; 1xL66; 1xL30
Gaige - 1xL72; 1xL44

Nisha - 1xL70; 1xL58
Athena - 1xL60; 1xL58
Clappie - 1xL63
Wilhelm - 2xL60
Tim - 1xL60
Aurelia - 1xL53

bl1: L69 Lilith
L32 Mordecai
L17 Brick
L3 Roland.

OP8 Everything except Axton
L65 Axton

BLTPS: 70 Everything except Claptrap
L68 Claptrap.

Mordecai, Lilith at cap, Brick shy over 50 but I can’t gett a satisfying build out of him
Athena, Nisha at cap (60 for me), Clappy around 16, Aurelia slightly over 30.
Gaige Op8, Krieg 53, Zero 72 (but gave up on him), Maya around 20.

I’m noticing a lack of Brick love from people. Why? D: