Toothpick Research

So I did some testing on this. I didn’t test on the raid boss, so things may change there; this is just test dummy stuff. The short of it is

  • Mouthwash’s Toothpick bonus is +200%, which is additive with AR damage and gun damage bonuses
  • Toothpick crits for 16.7% less than a normal hit (avoid headshots – this may be related to fewer pellets hitting the smaller head on the target dummy, so a crit spot in the middle of an enemy might still do more damage if the extra pellets do regular damage and a couple pellets do crit damage)
  • Toothpick and amp damage do 3.5 times more damage than the cards suggest (I think this is related to how close the target dummy was and unlisted pellets – actual damage is probably lower as you get further from the target).
  • Amp damage takes a huge nerf while Mouthwash is equipped, making Mouthwash only about 30% better than nothing if you’re already using the Bee
  • Fire damage per second is pretty worthless compared to base damage (45k to 90k per tick, compared millions per hit of base damage), and is totally unaffected by Mouthwash, AR bonuses, or gun damage bonuses.
Testing Conclusions

The Toothpick bonus is +200%, which is additive with the AR damage bonus, and both are additive with the “gun damage” bonus on the Legendary Siren class mod.

However, Toothpick has an inherent damage bonus of +250% which is multiplicative to everything else.

Weirdly, Toothpick does 16.7% less damage on a crit than a regular hit. Neither of these last two facts are affected by Mouthwash; that’s just base Toothpick behavior.

Damage = Card Damage × (100% + 250% Toothpick Bonus) × (100% + 250% Mouthwash Bonus + Assault Rifle Bonus + Gun Damage Bonus)

For example:
Damage = 182k × (1 + 2.5) × (1 + 2.5 + 0.475 + 0.34)
Damage = 182k × 3.5 × 4.315
Damage = 182k × 15.1025
Damage = 2749k

The +250% inherent Toothpick damage also applies to amp damage (specifically tested with the Bee). However, once Mouthwash is equipped, amp damage is drastically reduced, meaning Mouthwash only gives a 28.1% total increase if you’re using the Bee and a Siren mod or 33.8% increase if you’re just using a Bee.

Testing Procedure


Level 77 siren. Completely reset my skills.

I’ve got a Bearcat I just picked up to test the base AR damage. Bearcat is an AR with 294990x3 damage on the card. I’ve also got a Toothpick with 182456x2 damage on the card.

Level 76 Bearcat

To test damage increases, I’ve got a Mouthwash with +47.5% AR damage, and a Legendary Siren class mod with +34% gun damage.

Level 75 Mouthwash

I went to the target dummy in Sanctuary and got some numbers. I aimed at his belly button to avoid crits.

Bearcat Assault Rifle

Bearcat only: 294k
Bearcat with Mouthwash: 435k (48.0% increase)
Bearcat with Mouthwash and Siren mod: 534k (22.8% increase from Mouthwash; 81.6% increase from base)

Expected numbers were 294990 for base, 435110.25 for Mouthwash, and either 534406.85 (AR and gun damage are additive with 81.5% total increase) or 583047.735 (AR and gun damage are multiplicative with 97.65% total increase) for equipped.

Based on testing, it looks like AR and gun damage are additive with each other, and both items are working properly with AR damage. It also appears that the floating damage numbers truncate, rather than round.

Shooting practice dummy with just Bearcat. Shooting practice dummy with Bearcat and Mouthwash.

Toothpick Assault Rifle

The Toothpick numbers were more wonky, because I got three different damage values out of it for each setup. The third number is double the first number, which looks like it’s counting both pellets under a single damage value. I really don’t know what the middle number is though. (I suspect it’s related to unlisted pellets somehow I’m not quite seeing.)

Toothpick only: 638k, 957k, 1277k (249.7%, 424.5%, 599.9% increases over card damage)
Toothpick with Mouthwash: 2219k, 3328k, 4438k (247.8%, 247.8%, 247.5% increases)
Toothpick with Mouthwash and Siren mod: 2434k, 3651k, 4868k (9.7%, 9.7%, 9.7% increases from Mouthwash ; 281.5%, 281.5%, 281.2% increases from base)
(Of note, fire DoT seems to be consistently around 45k or 90k regardless of gear.)

Base damage is already way above what we would expect from the Toothpick item card (from 3.5 to 7 times expected damage). Even with both projectiles hitting at the same time, we should only have 364912 damage, so the Toothpick has an automatic +250% damage increase. (Though as I think about it, I think it’s just the unlisted pellets, and the exact increase probably depends on how big the target is.)

Given how close the Mouthwash numbers are to 247.5%, it looks like the Toothpick-specific bonus is +200%, which is additive with the AR bonus of +47.5%.

With the Siren mod tacked on, it’s pretty close to +281.5%, suggesting again that the gun damage bonus is additive with the AR and Toothpick bonuses. 200% + 47.5% + 34% = 281.5% bonus, for a total of 381.5% of base damage.

Shooting practice dummy with just Toothpick. Low damage. Shooting practice dummy with just Toothpick. Mid damage. Shooting practice dummy with just Toothpick. High damage.

Shooting practice dummy with Toothpick and Mouthwash. Low damage. Shooting practice dummy with Toothpick and Mouthwash. Mid damage. Shooting practice dummy with Toothpick and Mouthwash. High damage.

Shooting practice dummy with Toothpick and Mouthwash and Legendary Siren mod. Low and mid damages. Shooting practice dummy with Toothpick and Mouthwash and Legendary Siren mod. High damage.

Critical Testing

Next, I shot some crits on his head with Toothpick (no screenshots because I was feeling lazy).

Just Toothpick: 532k, 1064k,
Toothpick and Mouthwash and Siren mod: 2028k, 4056k

Those are +281.2% and +281.2% increases, like we’d expect from the above math. Here, I’m only getting two sets of numbers, which are single and double values, sensibly enough. Very oddly though, crit damage seems to be lower than regular damage (16.7% lower to be precise; body shots do 20% higher damage if we reverse it).

Testing The Bee

Adding a level 74 Bee with +786890 amp damage, my best damage with Mouthwash and the Siren mod was 5716k, which is 848k more than normal (4868k). The bonus damage is 7.7% more than expected from the Bee card.

With just Mouthwash (no Siren mod), Bee damage was 5394k; 956k bonus (over 4438k). The bonus is 21.5% more than expected.

With just the Siren mod (no Mouthwash), Bee damage was 4461k; 2754k bonus (over 1707k). The bonus is 250% more than expected.

With no relic or mod, Bee damage was 4031k; 2754k bonus (over 1277k). The bonus is 250% more than expected.

I’m struggling to put a formula to this data, but it appears that Toothpick’s inherent +250% damage bonus applies to the Bee’s amp damage until Mouthwash is equipped, then amp damage is drastically lowered.

The upshot of this is that Mouthwash only provides a 28.1% increase in damage if you’ve got a Bee and Siren mod equipped, or 33.8% increase if you’ve just got a Bee equipped.

Thoughts on Raid Items

I haven’t actually done the new raid boss, so there may be factors I’m missing. Don’t take these musings as gospel truth.

My level 74 Retainer has 471k capacity, which is only 21% higher than my level 74 Bee’s 390k capacity, and although Retainer has a much lower recharge delay (2.13 vs 7.28), it also has much lower recharge rate (80k vs 274k), so total recharge time is comparable (8.02 vs 8.70).

With the Siren mod giving an 80% reduction in recharge time (assuming 10/5 in Ward), the Bee is actually much faster (1.46 delay plus 1.42 recharge time for 2.88 total compared to Retainer’s 0.43 delay plus 5.89 recharge time for 6.32 total). Obviously, other classes don’t have the Ward skill, so that doesn’t apply everywhere, but the base shield is still pretty good.

For a non-melee character, the roid damage is worthless, so there’s not a huge loss in taking the Bee over the Retainer (having not done the fight yet, I don’t know how important jump height and speed are), at which point Mouthwash isn’t a terribly important relic and could be replaced.

  • A Blood of the Ancients relic gives about +50% health and +70% ammo capacity so an AR ammo version might be a lot better than Mouthwash.
  • The 39% AR damage from Heart of the Ancients is almost as good as 47.5% on Mouthwash, and has improved FFYL bonuses.
  • The 39% elemental bonus from Bone of the Ancients is as good or better than Mouthwash’s AR bonus, and has Action Skill bonuses that could be quite beneficial. (As I recall, elemental bonus damage is multiplicative with the other bonuses, so 1.39 × 1.34 = 1.863, which is higher than 1 + 0.475 + 0.34 = 1.815 by a bit. If you’ve got large bonuses to AR and/or gun damage, elemental pushes ahead even farther.)

thanks for testing. this needs a new thread though since this info will be buried in this thread.



So I did a second test, this time from a greater distance so only one projectile is hitting at a time. I left the Siren mod out since I already determined it was additive with AR damage.

This time, I went to normal mode, Dahl Abandon, shooting level 37 to 39 skags near the fast travel waypoint.

I’m sure most of this information is just repeating stuff other people already figured out, but I didn’t see all of it from searching the forum, so I thought I’d test it and post anyways. :smile:


At this distance, things start to look more normal.

  • Mouthwash is still +200%, additive with AR damage.
  • Bee damage is correctly calculated as half card damage per projectile.
  • Toothpick and Bee are doing 50% more than otherwise expected because Toothpick is a fire weapon against fleshy skags and bandits.
  • Crit damage is about 65% better than non-crit damage, as expected.
  • Skags take about 5 times more damage from a crit than bandits (didn’t know this).
  • Amp damage is multiplied by elemental weakness just like gun damage is (didn’t know this).
  • Amp damage is multiplied by crit damage just like gun damage is (wasn’t sure about this).
  • I’m still unsure why Bee damage seems to suffer so much at close range when Mouthwash is equipped.
  • The game really wants me to spend my 73 skill points.
Damage Formulae

It looks like the basic formula is this:

Damage Per Projectile = Elemental Damage Bonus × Elemental Type Modifier × Crit Bonus × Skag Bonus × {Gun Damage + Amp Damage}

Elemental Damage Bonus is found on Bone of the Ancients or elemental relics. Elemental Type Modifier depends on weapon element vs target type (e.g., fire vs flesh gets a bonus, corrosive vs shield gets a penalty). Crit Bonus probably depends on your specific parts, but I vendored my other Toothpicks so I can’t test that. Skag Bonus probably applies to other enemies as well, and I’ve just never noticed.

The formula further breaks down to this:

Damage Per Projectile = (100% + Fire Damage Bonus) × 40 to 175% Elemental Type Modifier × 165% Crit Bonus (if crit) × 500% Skag Bonus (if crit on a skag) × {[Gun Card Damage × (100% + 200% Mouthwash Bonus + Assault Rifle Bonus + Gun Damage Bonus)] + [Amp Card Damage ÷ Listed Projectile Count]}

I haven’t personally tested elemental bonuses, but this TPS thread suggests they’re top-level multipliers.

Toothpick Testing

Toothpick Testing Item Stats

Toothpick card damage: 182456x2
Bee card damage: 786890

Toothpick Testing Damage Results

Toothpick only: 273k (+49.6% over card damage)
Toothpick and Bee: 863k (+590k)
Toothpick and Mouthwash: 951k (+248.4%)
Toothpick, Mouthwash and Bee: 1541k (+590k)
Toothpick and Bee Crit: 7198k (+734%)

Toothpick Testing Conclusions

The first thing to note here is that lowest damage is still some funky number. After more head-scratching than I’d care to admit, I determined it’s the +50% damage from using a fire weapon on fleshy skags.

With Mouthwash equipped, we’re getting very close to the expected +247.5%, so it’s probably working as expected with rounding differences. Assuming base damage is exactly 1.5 times card damage, we’d get 273684, and 347.5% of that is 951051.9, both of which agree with the floating numbers.

Bee is consistently giving +590k in this case, which looks like 1.5 times half damage. Bee damage should be split between the two card projectiles, doing 393445 damage per projectile. If there’s a +50% bonus per hit because of Toothpick’s elemental type vs skags, we’d then expect 590167.5 per projectile, which is what we got.

Crit Testing

Crit Testing Item Stats

Toothpick card damage: 182456x2
Pimpernel card damage: 281323
Bee card damage: 786890

Crit Testing Damage Results

Toothpick and Bee: 863k (+590k amp damage)
Toothpick and Bee Skag Crit: 7198k (+734%)

Pimpernel: 281k
Pimpernel Bandit Crit: 1125k (+300%)
Pimpernel Skag Crit: 5626k (+1900%)

Pimpernel and Bee: 1068k (+787k amp damage)
Pimpernel and Bee Bandit Crit: 4272k (+300%)

Toothpick: 273k
Toothpick Bandit Crit: 450k (+64.8%)

I initially only got the one crit number to look at, but it seemed rather high. I thought normal crit was like 2-3 times normal, not 8+ times normal.

So, I did a quick test with Pimpernel against the same skags that showed 20 times normal on a crit. Testing Pimpernel versus some bandits, it’s only 4 times damage on a crit.

With the Bee, Pimpernel does 4 times normal damage on a crit against bandits, implying that Bee damage is affected by standard crit multipliers.

Then I tested Toothpick against the bandits, and was getting 450k per crit, or +65%. 1.65 × 5 is 8.25, which is pretty close to the 834% calculated above.

It looks like skags take 5 times as much crit damage from any source, and amp damage is affected by crit just like normal damage.

Pretty Pictures

Each group is labeled left to right.

Toothpick | Toothpick and Bee | Toothpick and Mouthwash:
Skag hit with Toothpick Skag hit with Toothpick and Bee Skag hit with Toothpick and Mouthwash

Toothpick with Mouthwash and Bee | Toothpick and Bee Skag Crit | Toothpick Bandit Crit:
Skag hit with Toothpick, Mouthwash and Bee Skag hit with Toothpick and Bee Crit Bandit hit with Toothpick Crit

Pimpernel | Pimpernel Skag Crit | Pimpernel Bandit Crit:
Skag hit with Pimpernel Skag hit with Pimpernel Crit Bandit hit with Pimpernel Crit

Pimpernel and Bee | Pimpernel and Bee Bandit Crit:
Bandit hit with Pimpernel and Bee Bandit hit with Pimpernel and Bee Crit

Spend them skill points, Meow!
Reminder that I have 73 unspent skill points.


Ahhhh. Now this is what testing looks like. Real testing. With real context. And real formulae.

You are a real badass.



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how did you do the arrow - expand / hide thingy ?

Otherwise … such a huge amount of work, with such crude testing tools …I will give you AAAA + for effort , but … when multi-projectile (and or splash) weapons are involved the in-game aggregated damage pop-ups do not make it easy to understand what goes on underneath …

*I can confirm extra 5 multiplier vs skag crit zone.

maybe I can get a toothpick and take a look at it later. Should be easy to get ? (never played scarlet dlc). Mouthwash on the other hand … out of my reach…

# Normal Hit = 20584.78906; using           Droog; Scaled Base Gun Damage (CARD) = 15424.59375 ; Sum of Additive Gun Damage Multiplier    0.33454 (beware AMP SHIELD)
# Damage Type =          SLAG ; ElementalMul = 1.00000; ( GrenadeMul = 1.12819 ); address =   1AB18C18 
# CRIT !!! ;(gun)Crit Multiplier = 4.263  
# vsHealthorArmorMul 0.50; Intermediary Damage Value 1316218.87500  
       1313   904195.750 Max    202188.438 Cur   860297.875 Prev   658109.438 Damage    49A5DD8 baseaddress      Spitter Skag vsHealthOrArmor
# Chance to trigger effect 1.0000 * 30.0000 * 1.0000 * 1.2974 * 1.5000 * 1.0000 * 1.0000 * 1.0000 * 1.0000 * 1.0000 = 0.5838  

Slag vs slagged crit
1316218.875 / (20584.78906 * 4.263 * 3) = 4.99971
20584.78906 * 4.263 * 5 * 1.5 = 658147.1682

The posted borderlands 2 damage formula (sjim) clearly state it.
Of course it works on crits. That’s the only niche for regular AMP shields - 1 shot SR kills coupled with skills that grant shield on kill like Grim (Zero) , Quick Charge (Axton), Inertia (Maya) , BloodSoakedShields & Unstoppable Force (Gaige), … This combo allows 1 shot kill chains on for the players capable of consistent crit spot hits. This gets less and less viable on UVHM where 1 hit crits don’t quite do enough without slag anymore even with amp. Gaige can supplement with Interspeed Outburst and still get her 1 hit kills …


should I take offence ?

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it isn’t in the scarlet dlc


It’s just the <details> HTML tag wrapped in BB Code.

Hidden Text

is the same as typing

Hidden Text

which both produce

Title Hidden Text

It takes quite a bit of work up front, but once you know the basic math it becomes easier to test one element at a time and see how that one element affects the outcome. If I was trying to program mods for the game or something, I’m sure I’d end up using easier methods to get lots of information faster, but for testing a few things at a time this method has worked pretty well for me in different games throughout the years.

Both Toothpick and Mouthwash are from the new Commander Lilith expansion. Toothpick drops randomly from sandworms in the Burrows, and I had three by the time I finished. Mouthwash is a mission reward, I believe from the final main story mission.

There’s also the Retainer shield, which I believe is also dropped from sandworms, but I only got one of them running through the campaign. It doesn’t directly help Toothpick, but is designed to work with Toothpick and Mouthwash as a boss-killing set by making you immune to corrosive damage and increasing mobility while you’re in the raid zone.


Who is the Toothpick best slated for? I’d think with all those pellets, it would be amazing for Gaige.

I play Maya with a Gaige partner, just wondering who it’s best for, thanks!

i think a weapon this good is useful for anyone

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  • Hellborn Krieg can crank it up a lot with max EE and Bloodlust stacks. Besides : Bloody Revival, am I right?! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • It should B0re quite well although I doubt my Zer0 will ever use it. Perhaps a Rogue COM with mag size and…?
  • Axton is Axton - everything is good.
  • Maya - same.
  • Gaige obviously would make this work great, but it would be interesting to see how Anarchy would work with the Mouthwash, given the above testing.
  • Hip fire is quite good and Sal could make it work with a solid investment into Rampage.

Has anyone determined what kind of splash it has?


My impression was that Dahl weapons don’t typically have splash damage, but I’m not seeing anything in game with Toothpick.

This is on normal difficulty with level 75 Toothpick and Mouthwash, 74 Retainer. If there was splash damage, I’d think one of the shots would have killed him.

Infected Midget surviving Toothpick shots a few inches from his toes.

Hrm. Odd - just assumed it would regardless of Dahl (Hornet for example).

So some subjective opinions based on killing Haderax semi-legit, and farming Treants for a better Bee.

Comparison is Toothpick and Mouthwash vs Fire Sandhawk and Winter is Over. Bee used in both cases, except where comparing to Retainer during the raid. I also played with the Legendary Siren vs Legendary Cat mods. All of these comparisons are with a full skill tree (well, as full as possible at level 78).

Basically, Sandhawk has better damage potential, but Toothpick is more reliable since it still does a ton of damage without Bee. Which also means you could more readily swap to a much tankier shield with Toothpick, where Sandhawk is kind of crap without Bee.

Also, I prefer the Bee upkeep utility of the Siren mod over the raw damage potential of the Cat mod, especially when using Toothpick. However, things might change if I swapped to a tanky shield and Bee upkeep was no longer important.

Weapon Comparison
  • Sandhawk does better damage while Bee is up.
  • Toothpick does much better damage when Bee is down (even without Mouthwash).
  • Toothpick has faster projectiles, making it easier to aim.
  • The last two points make Toothpick much better for Second Winds.
  • Sandhawk is very hard to slag-n-switch with Haderax since the shots take so long to reach him.
  • Sandhawk has a much larger (+63%) effective magazine (18 shots until reload vs 11, would be 13 vs 8 without 10/5 Foresight).
  • Sandhawk has far more shots (+157%) without running out of ammo. Not only does it use half ammo per shot, max SMG ammo is 1620 vs the AR pool of only 1260.
  • Ammo pool wasn’t much of an issue during the raid, especially if I was in a position to kill sandworms. Even less of an issue farming gear (zero issue farming Bee since the siren fairies keep me topped up).
Shield Comparison
  • Homing slag pellets hit like a truck with either shield, and are hard to avoid.
  • Retainer is better for moving from spot to spot (raid only).
  • Bee is better for actually killing the boss if you’re in cover.
  • If using Toothpick, Bee is less important for damage (Toothpick does 62% of the overall damage before skills come into play; as much as 69% of the damage with Wreck and Reaper).
  • This makes it much easier to swap from Bee to a tankier shield if using Toothpick, where Sandhawk suffers too much for that to be very viable.
Class Mod Comparison

Siren Mod:

  • +34% Gun damage applies to SMG and AR.
  • 10/5 Ward has a -80% shield delay, bringing Bee to 1.46 seconds.
  • 10/5 Flicker has +60% chance of elemental effect.
  • 5/5 Wreck gives +50% fire rate, +30% gun damage while phaselock is up.
  • 5/5 Reaper gives +40% gun damage while enemy is over 50% health (averages to +20% gun damage).
  • +104% damage with phaselock over 50%.
  • +34% damage without phaselock to low health enemy.

Cat mod:

  • +104% SMG damage only applies to SMG.
  • -35% SMG accuracy, but I haven’t really noticed a difference with Sandhawk.
  • 5/5 Ward has a -40% shield delay, bringing Bee to 4.37 seconds.
  • 5/5 Flicker has +30% chance of elemental effect.
  • 10/5 Wreck gives +100% fire rate, +60% gun damage while phaselock is up.
  • 10/5 Reaper gives +80% gun damage while enemy is over 50% health (averages to +40% gun damage).
  • +244% damage with phaselock over 50%, SMG.
  • +104% damage without phaselock to low health enemy, SMG.
  • +140% damage with phaselock over 50%, AR.
  • +0% damage without phaselock to low health enemy, AR.


The Cat mod does a lot better damage on paper for Sandhawk, but I have a much harder time keeping Bee up with it. On the boss, I rarely get a chance to phaselock something before firing, so Wreck is irrelevant. And since most of Sandhawk’s damage comes from the Bee, Wreck + Reaper has little effect:

69416 on the Sandhawk, 786890 on the Bee, 856306 total. Best case is 344% gun damage, or 238,791 for the Sandhawk, 1,095,097 total; a 28% increase in damage. Worst case is 204% damage (which is equal to Siren’s best case), or 141609 Sandhawk, 928499 total; an 8% increase in damage. It’s substantial when I have nearly-constant phaselocks up, but if I lose Bee it takes much longer to get it back and start murdering everything that’s charging me.


With Toothpick, Cat stops looking so good. Cat does better at its best, but worse at its worst. And with Mouthwash, the bonus damage from skills becomes less important. +247.5% from the relic, +140%, gives +387.5% total. That’s a 40% increase to gun damage as a best case scenario.

With Toothpick, gun damage is a much larger part of the overall damage, with 182456 Toothpick, 393445 Bee base, 575901 total. With Mouthwash, it’s 634035 Toothpick, 1027480 total; +78% over base. Adding maximum skill bonuses brings us to 889473 Toothpick, 1282918 total; +122% over base; +25% over just Mouthwash. So even with Bee being less useful on Toothpick, the best case scenario with the Cat mod is still only a 25% bonus over no skills at all.

With the Siren mod, best case is +247.5% relic, +104% skills, +351.5% total. This gives 823789 Toothpick, 1217234 total; +111% over base; +18% over just Mouthwash. This means Cat is only 5.4% better than Siren in the best case scenario.

A Note on Fire Rate

I neglected to factor Wreck’s fire rate bonus into the above math. The Cat mod gives +100% fire rate vs. Siren’s +50%, which is a 33% multiplicative DPS boost, but only while you have ammo. For one phaselocked enemy, this extra damage is very useful, but when you factor in reloads, it becomes less important.

Without Wreck (no phaselock), Toothpick goes through a clip and reloads in 5.0 seconds. Sandhawk in about 4.5 seconds.

With 5/5 Wreck, Toothpick takes about 4.7 seconds (6.3% dps boost), Sandhawk is about 3.7 seconds (21.6% dps boost).

With 10/5 Wreck, Toothpick is about 4.0 seconds (25.0% boost over base, 17.5% over 5/5), Sandhawk is about 3.2 seconds (40.6% over base, 15.6% over 5/5).

This makes my actual damage about 15% better while phaselock is up with Cat vs Siren. However, this is a best case scenario.

Timing the burst fire mechanic at these speeds is tricky, and mistakes happen more frequently as fire rate increases. Realistically, I’m probably getting a 5-10% boost in dps with 10/5 vs 5/5 Wreck. And this only applies while phaselock is up, so I didn’t think it was terribly important to factor in.

Cat does 18.5% better than Siren on Sandhawk with phaselock up just on the damage bonuses, so that’s multiplicatively 36.3% better including fire rate (realistically 27% better) .

Cat does 5.4% better than Siren on Toothpick with phaselock up, so that’s 21% better including fire rate (realistically 13% better) .


The Cat mod definitely does better dps than the Siren mod if you can keep Bee up, but I get hit too much to use it reliably, so I prefer Siren for the 10/5 Ward, even on the Sandhawk, and especially for the Toothpick.


I agree, especially for raiding.

bee (AMP shield) without inertia ? … won’t work without minions … (just as phase lock, wreck) . But if killable stuff is on hand . Wonder if it can be cheesed with barrels, loot piles

I found that the wild accessory (+damage +fire rate -accuracy) gives huge accuracy penalty to Toothpick that renders the gun awful. Other gun parts make negligible difference on accuracy or none at all.

The spread pattern from emptying one magazine with the wild accessory on the right, other accessories on the left:

If your Toothpick has problems hitting anything smaller than Dukino’s mom it must have the wild accessory, I’d farm for a new one.


Wow! That’s an insane difference. That’s nigh unusable with that attachment.

The Wild accessory will completely ruin every AR except the Hail. So no surprise.