Top 5 Borderlands Games

Heya Buddies, before the new raid boss, hemovorous the invincible, comes out in the director’s cut dlc I wanted to do something a little bit fun. This will be our Top 5 Borderlands Games that I spent a little bit longer than I wanted to create this. The following will be, of course, my opinion so I hope this doesn’t trigger to many people w/ my placing(s). I hope this a nice little break from all the raid boss, hemovorous the invincible, talk we have been hearing around the community for you all.

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5 – Borderlands 1:

Borderlands 1 is the game that started it all for the borderlands Franchise but there is a lot of flaws in the game and that is to be expected. It was a new IP that was trying to create an identity for itself and if we are being honest this type of game wasn’t very… explored if that makes sense. The Game was an amalgamation of Story Driven First Person Shooter w/ RPG Loot elements. I can’t think of a lot of games now that are similar to this let alone back in 2009. The best thing about Borderlands 1 for me is the complete different feeling I have while playing it, it doesn’t have as much of a focus on comedy as future titles does and it feels almost indescribable compared. The best way I could try to explain it would be to say that it feels so barren and alien and just so weird, all in a good way granted. I think one of the biggest contributors to this is the lack of Friendly NPCs you see throughout the game especially early game and it feels almost silly to say this since I believe I’m pretty good at the combat but Borderlands 1 always feels more dangerous and threatening. Badass Enemies often feel stronger then the player character to the point where the first one you encounter feels like a “oh crap” moment. I remember fondly the first time I was playing the game alone when I was 10 and coming across my first Badass Electric Skag and just being destroyed 3 times in a row. Now you could just chock that up to me being young and inexperienced that games but even today when I see those badass Skags early game I know that they won’t go down without a fight. Enemies always feel tough whether it being the lack of moment in Fight for Your Life or the power scale of the vault hunters/guns and I really like that. BUT, and this is big but, the game feels a bit clunky and awkward with its combat especially with how long it takes for you to even get access to the meat and potatoes of the game’s characters which is the action skill / skill trees. Of course the future games do a great job at fixing this especially the next one on my list.

4 – Borderlands 3:

I’m going to try to say this in the nicest way possible, Borderlands 3 has one of the most busted combat in the series… and I love every second of it, every Vault Hunter feels incredibly powerful the guns feel amazing and you get an abundance of Legendaries which is often seen as a bad aspect but I see it as an opportunity for players to try out each and every unique gunplay that each legendary offers. Borderlands 3 Offers an outstanding amounts of ways to play each Vault Hunter and this has allowed for the community to really flourish on its build and theory crafting. I still get excited whenever a see a new build that gets a lot of upvotes on reddit because I love to see how someone else approaches an item with a new way of thinking to allow for game busting effects or a new tech that elevates the way we think or play certain Vault Hunters. This game is the sole reason why I even know what Additive Multipliers & Multiplicative Multipliers even are, that’s how much I’m into the theorycrafting on this game and discussing builds with others. On a gameplay standpoint it’s the best in the series and because of this it has the best end game as well. The game unfortunately falls flat on the story which is incredible to think about since this game has the most amount cut scenes in the series, it’s a real shame because it shows that the team that created this game really worked hard on trying to make it better than it actually was but they couldn’t. The main concept with Troy and Tyreen was honestly a pretty good idea; Kinda a blast from the past to the first game where the main villain was a siren. I loved the idea of a Siren Villains that actually did siren things and I remember freaking out when they were revealed. The final boss with Tyreen always disappointed me honestly since you never see Tyreen morph in anyway when absorbing any creature/thing and to see a potential epic fight with the Queen herself turn into a shoot the scary big thing was annoying to me. Vice versa with Troy’s fight I always loved; seeing him literally center stage while Tyreen had to take a step back was a cool contrast to the normal narrative and having a super powered Siren boss do magical things like send meteors and make walls of force that pushed you was really cool. I believe the biggest contributor to the story falling flat is the Villains cannot compete with the previous Villain Handsome Jack. We have our expectations set to freaking 11 with Handsome Jack, and that’s out of a possible 5. It was an impossible task for gearbox to try to create a villain that could hold a candle to Handsome Jack and that just goes to show the test of time Borderlands 2 has as an entry in the series.

3 – Borderlands 2:

It’s alright I guess.

2 – Borderlands the Pre-Sequel:

Before I begin I wanna say that the Number 2 and Number 3 Spot could be easily swapped on this list because I love both games almost equally but after careful consideration I decided to place it here instead and here’s why: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will always hold a special place in my heart because this game come out around the time when me and my friend was getting right back into the game I remember we finished every DLC got to max level and did all OP levels as Axton and Kreig. I was Playing Axton and he was playing Kreig and then suddenly on, I think, 2013 this game was announced. Instantly Me and my Friend went Ballistic, Immediately jumped onto the hype train, we both preordered the game as soon as we could. We started planning what characters to pick despite around the time we didn’t know how each character would play exactly. It was funny actually because we both wanted to play Nisha and we both were trying to say “nah it’s okay you can have her”, My friend ended up getting her on our first play through and I played Claptrap. I was super into the game but no so much for my friend. Like most people he believed the game didn’t live up to the hype and slowly he lost interest in the game. He didn’t like the space/sci-fi theme and the new gameplay elements of low gravity and such. But I for one LOVE space & sci-fi so it felt like a match made in heaven for me; Borderlands Combined with my favorite Genre(s). I loved the way the game added air boosters to increase movement speed, I loved Butt Slamming, I loved the Narrative with Handsome Jack’s Corruption, and most importantly I loved the Vault Hunters. Every Vault Hunter Felt amazing to play and their action skills were great, The game always made me feel like a badass and early game you were given your action skill quicker which was a fantastic Idea I really Appreciated. New Game Plus was the best in this game as well; where your story would be narrated by Tiny Tina and sometimes brick would chime in. It felt like an incentive to play the game again besides getting to max level. I always Felt that Borderlands 3 should have implemented that feature because it was honestly the best part of New Game Plus. I remember patiently waiting for DLC 1 since I had brought the season pass as well with my pre-order and once that DLC Dropped I beat it within the second day it was released with my max level Aurelia. After that I was stoked to see what the future would hold for the game… and that future was disappointing. I read that 2k Australia was shutting down and I still feel my heart break whenever I have to talk about it because it was the most disappointing thing to hear for someone who was insane about this game. I had such big hopes and dreams for this game and it all just crumbled in the blink of an eye, it felt like. I remember being in denial and thinking that someone at Gearbox or 2k would somehow continue the DLCs or something, I would look into it as much as possible around the time. All that remained was concept art for the possible next DLC, I would look at that concept art and think surely someone at the companies would use it to continue. But at lass the game just simply didn’t live up to expectations for fans and was more than likely dropped because of it, I don’t remember if 2k Australia was shut down because of this game’s profit not meeting expectations or something but it didn’t matter in the end because the game had no major updates after that. Despite all this or even because of all this, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will always hold a special place in my heart.

1 – Borderlands Legends:

This game was so good that they had to remove it from the IOS Store so that no man will ever be able to witness its holy presence again. Rumor has it that on Dec 17th 2036 on Pope Francis’s 100th Birthday, Gearbox will commune with the eldritch creature L’thun to create Borderlands Legends Remastered which will ascend both living & dead Borderlands players into another realm of Existence. Mark t̷̜͙̽he Date ḅ̴̢̋è̵̩fo̸͎͛r̸̜͌̈́ë̵̮́ ̷̛̬͘i̵̬͐t̷͙̿s̵̥͇̊ ţ̶̓o̶̜͑͝ọ̴͙͌ Late

I hope everyone enjoyed their April Fools :slight_smile:

Obviously don’t take anything I said too too seriously