Top 5 gunfights from borderlands

I thought it would be interesting to make a post where people can list and talk about their favorite boss/gunfights from all borderlands that includes borderlands, borderlands 2, and borderlands the pre sequel. You can assemble your list like I have below. With what game its from, what map, and your thoughts on it if you like.

I haven’t played much of TPS so that is why you won’t see any in my top five…

  1. Borderlands - Krom’s Kanyon - up the hill vs the turrets.

This fight is my hands down favorite. Having to deal with the fire from the turret and still fighting enemies is epic and will always be at the top of my list hands down.

  1. Borderlands 2- Thousands Cuts/ The Bunker-

Awesome gun battle. Lots of enemies and loot chests ending in a sweet boss fight. Even if he has a bloated loot pool and is a stingy S.O.B. still one of my favorites

  1. Borderlands- Old Haven - yes the whole map!

Love the urban type setting thought it brought something different to B1 withe different building and offered a lot for different play style with is verticality and something that I personally thought was greatly missed in B2.

  1. Borderlands 2 - Tundra Express - Vermivorous

I know your thinkin I’m crazy cus he is a pain in the ass to spawn. But once I finally get to spawn and kill him its a great feeling of accomplishment and one of the many thing I enjoy about the grind involved in borderlands games.

  1. Borderlands 2 - Hero’s Pass/ Vualt Of The Warrior.

Pretty cliche… I know. But the reason I enjoyed this was because it had Brick and Mordi as NPCs. Hope to see more of this in the future.


Any fight where I get to PUNCH stuff.

Serious now…

The first fight through the Subconscious to the fake Shadowtrap was great.

Putting a buzzaxe in Nisha’s skull.

The Trash Coast fight through all the Spiderants and Bandits with two Spiderant bosses. Shame I have to deal with Scythids to unlock that quest.

The fight against the Slabs when you first meet Brick in Borderlands 2. A lot of Badasses and God-liath chances. Always fun!
Sawtooth is a crazy map.


Best Boss fight…? The GOD-liath couple in the Wedding Day Massacre HH-pack.

So many… I might have different answers on a different day, but off the top of my head right now:

Purging enemies from the Bone Barracks in the Lair of Infinite Agony
Taking over the Buzzard’s Nest in Sawtooth Cauldron
Assaulting the Varkid Ramparts in Caustic Caverns
Brawls in Pyro Pete’s Bar
Completing the Boss Run in Southpaw Steam and Power

Showing TPS some love:

The boss of TPS.
The boss of the TPS claptrap mind DLC.

The turrets on the way to Krom’s canyon in BL1.
The fight to knoxx

Badass bar brawl
hero’s pass is just epic

Trash coast and general Knoxx would have probably made the best of the rest for me. Easy in the top 10. … Kind if makes want to fire B1 again…





Sub Conscious, Sub sub conscious.


Cortex arena is fun too.

BL 1:

Krom’s Canyon.

General Knoxx and the area before it.

The MINAC/INAC fight.

Dahl Headlands because I like the design and the area in general.

Knoxx DLC Highways. Those robots… rofl.

Old Haven.


BL 2:

Caustic Caverns, all of them.

Nisha Duel. That music.

Hero’s Pass.

BNK-3R fight.

Control Core Angel fight. Specially the music.

Handsome Sorcerer fight.

Handsome Jack/Warrior fight.

Magny’s Lighthouse.

H.S.S. Terminus.

Digistruct Peak.

Badassuraus Rex.

Opportunity. Specially when you spawn 5 Constructors. (3 are Super Badasses)

Many more.

Yeah. More than five… sorry.

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  1. Bloodshot Stronghold- it’s just a fun place to run thru…
    2- Lynchwood- love the final duel with Nisha- I’d quote a line from Blazing Saddles but that might not be wise… :grinning:
    3- Sawtooth Cauldron- poor, poor Ulysses…
    4- Digistruct Peak- putting so many bosses in one place with a chance to digistruct legendary gear as well as have it drop? What’s not to like?

Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

Can I say the fight just after killing Nisha in Lynchwood?

absolutely agree.

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