Top 5 Sickest visual effects in Borderlands 2!

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Nice - need to throw these in slow motion so viewers can get a feel for what tends to be fairly quick events (I have random videos of almost all the items listed below). If we only count visual effects as intended by the authors, I’d say the following (in no real order):

  • Death From Above: heck yeah (I put a single point in this skill just for the visuals).

  • Deathtrap: Robot Rampage + Love Thumper: this is pretty much the same as your Backdraft glitch, but it’s much easier to see over the course of normal gameplay because you’re watching from the safety of some minimum safe distance.

  • Shock Storm - it’s a much weaker (both in range and damage output) and difficult to pull off (I think) skill than Krieg’s Bloodsplosion, but if you manage to get it to chain across enemies, the results are spectacular. The most I’ve ever gotten was nine.

  • Physx Particles in a standing gravity well: singularity grenades’ wells are relatively short lived, but the wells from Maya’s Phaselock or a Witch Doctor killed in mid-singularity can persist for quite some time, during which Physx particles (green corrosive goop, purple slag, red blood, whatever elemental particulate matter your weapon is throwing, and surface debris) will swirl and orbit around the gravity well as long as it is up. When it runs out, these particles will spray around, away from the point (and if the liquids land on the ground, they’ll ooze downhill). For bonus points, do this next to a loose tarp, and it will be drawn constantly towards the singularity (and for more points, you can damage it, freeing bits to get sucked in).

  • Interspersed Outburst: to see it fully, I find it best to hit an airborne target with it (the digisplosion, little purple nova, big flat equatorial nova).

I’m also partial to Upshot Robot (I like Deathtrap’s little glowing nova and rotating orb of green spikes whenever he gets a kill) and that one spell the Radiant Sorcerers do where they open up a portal in the air and let in a bunch of ice (I think). A number of people seem to like Maya’s Blight Phoenix wings for the way they look.

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