Top 5 things i like about the game

Ok so there are plenty of threads of people discussing how to make this game better and the little things that need to be fixed, so I figured i would start today on a positive note(last time I tried this it went bad real quick lol) and put some things down that I love about the game. I know this games not perfect and I’m not one of those people who get mad because people point out bad things about a game I like but there’s not enough positive things on this forum and we need to fix that lol. This is just my opinion on top 5 things I like about the game your more than welcome to discuss my list or disagree or call me an idiot or whatever lol.

  1. Most of the lore challenges they give me a goal to strive toward while playing a character and learning more about their story is awesome.(except for the ones that need fixed somehow)

  2. The story is actually really good if you pay attention to it. Its kind of like the BL stories in the fact that if you don’t pay attention to detail you might miss something that makes the whole story come together. Plus the story missions basically play out like destinys raids which was my favorite part of that game.

  3. I really like the whole MOBA style gameplay in pvp. Its something new and fresh, I know it makes the learning curve a little longer than most games but its worth it if you put the time into it. And the way it plays out sometimes you can have really good games that has you actually excited weather you win or lose.

  4. The characters and how different each of them play. This brings a whole new experience everytime you try a different character which is awesome. I haven’t played any MOBAS before this game(I’m on ps4 most good MOBAS are on PC) and the character variety is something really new for me and I love it. Plus the different dialogues you can get between two characters is really cool. Anytime you start to get a little bored with a character you can just switch it up and the game instantly becomes fresh again.

  5. You guys. This community has restored my faith in gaming communities I actively avoided trying to get involved with gaming communities for a while because the ones I tried to be a part of were just toxic. The devs and even the moderators on this forum are great. It might be GBX bc the last time I actually had fun in a gaming community was BL2. You guys are great(talking to GBX and everybody else here) this is one of the few games where I actually liked turning my mic on and talking to random people(before my dog destroyed it lol). So to everybody keep up what your doing and more people will come and thank you for the awesome experience I’ve had so far with this game.

Disagree with my list? Let me know what you think or give me your top 5 things


New to Battleborn, but thought i’d weigh in.

  1. The writing. Maybe not all of the plot humor, but the personalities of the characters are really fun for me.

  2. Oscar Mike. I’ve known people in real life who, other than the clone and cloaking aspects are basically this guy.

  3. The Helix System. Well thought out, on the fly customization. Everyone starts at the same level and can get better depending on your character level. But, the unlocked mutations are automatically better than your standard mutations.

  4. Gear implementation. Totally changes your build sometimes.

  5. GBX’s commitment. A weekly update and open dev feedback is becoming SOP these days. But, for GBX to be as forthright about it as to post the BP and DLC promises in the game… that’s ballsy.