Top build for solo OP8 TTAoDK

Discuss! Looking for the superior mobbing setup post-community patch.

For what character?

Krieg! I’m interested in gun play but if melee is truly the way to go I’ll try it.


I’m not a PC player so I don’t know how the new class mods have impacted Krieg play. Before, the gun setup was usually centered around the Leg Reaper and Blood Bath but maybe there’s better or equally good options now.

I haven’t checked out the patch, but I ran with the following when playing with two others (Maya and Gaige):

Ravager (can use the Swordsplosion! instead)
Explosive Badaboom
Legendary Sickle (use a Legendary Reaper or blue Crunch comm with +6 StF if you want to focus more on gun play, but don’t expect to kill much while in BxR).
Blood of the Ancients (AR and shotgun ammo)
Storm Front/Magic Missle
Rough Rider
Blockhead for the treants and stumps.

Since Light the Fuse got a buff, you might try a point in there (take it from Bloody Revival).

The skeletons are basically resistant to everything except explosive, which is why I stack so much on him. That and EXPLOSIONS?! :dukeego: The SF still does a good job at stripping shields and tracks the Skeletal Mages pretty well as well. A MM is a good alternative choice, just be careful where you throw it so you don’t accidentally slag yourself in the process. :dukefp:


Why no points into hellborn tho? you could get a lot out of PiP with a leg sickle com for your gun play, since the weapons you are using dont really go for crits, and Storm fronts will easily get you set on fire with delusional dmg, also additional dmg reduction while out of BXR from Numberd nerves could be very nice… I was planning on doing something gun related with a sickle com myself, just some food for thought…

As for gun play, just get a bearcat in corrosive and fire, and go with a leg reaper. I usually use an O-Negative with this set up, seeing how you will have too many grenades because of bloodbath procs. RR shield as usual, and you should be good to go :smiley:
Of course im saying bearcats are the best option here as the bullets wont reflect off damn knights, because there is no bullet, just splash :smiley:

Not enough skill points and PiP isn’t all that impressive unless you’re setting yourself on fire.

I literally just told you, chuck a single storm front and boom you are on fire. why not smtn like this? skill build
You have crazy mag size so reload isnt too important. You can pick your poison with Embrace the Pain or Empty the Rage, but in total this will give you way more survival while out of BXR, and some extra dmg. While sacrificing reload speed and some fire rate, maybe give it a try and see how it performs? If fire rate is so important maybe even cut a bit on PiP or NN and get elation, that will give you waaay more firerate anyway, and will even boost your axe throwing speed (unlike embrace the pain).
Theres a lot of stuff to play around with with a sickle com, i think you are limiting yourself for no reason. Thrill of the kill might help a bit with survival outside of BXR as well, seeing how bloodsplosion is a thing.

Sidenote: boiling blood doesn’t really do too much for a melee build seeing how every kill in BXR will pretty much cap you.

I like explosions, the skeletons don’t. I don’t use PiP because I don’t use elemental weaponry except for explosive. Skeletons are resistant to all elements except for explosive. Since I don’t use fire, shock (outside of a storm front), corrosive, I have no reason to spec into PiP or anything else in the Hellborn tree. That’s my preference and is what I suggested to the OP. You’re more than welcome to suggest your own ideas, but I won’t be using them because I’m not interested.

How effective is your build on Digistruct Peak? Any changes?

Gun Krieg is probably the safest route for the higher levels of the Peak because you can down yourself with StV even with the Roughrider, so the gun builds mentioned above are a safer route to go.

I don’t know how Gun Krieg plays with the new Legendary Crunch class mod in the UCP, as I’m not a PC player.

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As @ChemicalConundrum said, melee Krieg is very dangerous on the Peak. I’d go with a more gun focused Krieg and use MMs. Because of the way the Peak’s enemies are coded, shock seems to be the most effective element due to shields. Explosive is still relevant, however, but you’ll have a difficult time solo if you focus on trying to melee your enemies to death. I haven’t tried the new Legendary Crunch com, but a Legendary Reaper will hold you in good stead.

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do you mean Blast Master?

Yeah, that one. I’ve only been peripherally following the UCP, but if boosts StF, FtB, and BB, it might be worth looking into. What’re its specs?

+35% Fire Rate, +44% Reload, +53% Explosive Damage
+5 to BB, Embrace the Pain, Pain is Power, StF, and Thrill of the Kill

I don’t really play Krieg so I can’t tell if that’s a “fun” com or just plain OP haha

Seems damn op to me, even a blue com that boosts BB and StF should be pretty damn powerful, let alone boosting all of these other things as well…

Right; I appreciate the challenge of OP8 so I don’t want to trivialize the game with a shiny new com. Although some of the other customs are nice without breaking the game.

Try out the fixed version of the terra com, its really nice on krieg. Because health stacking and burn dmg. Just everything you ever wanted as krieg

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