Top Gear 4 Fl4k the Beastmaster (Community Guide)

If I’m running a Maggie with Fade Away should I still lick up Two F4ng? I figured Second Intention and even Hidden Eye would end up doing more DPS. Am I wrong?

I never take Tw0 Fang, I think that’s a skill you really need to build around to take advantage of.

I personally think Maggie + Second Intention will give you better results than Maggie + Hunter’s Eye (LnT/Megavore combo does not really extend the Maggie’s mag enough to avoid frequent reloads, and Hunter’s Eye is a bit buggy) but I haven’t done any close comparisons to see which performs better.

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Nope, 2 fang only adds an extra projectile. The Maggie has 6? One extra won’t add much.

Yeah that’s what I figured just making sure.

Speaking of the Maggie, where’s the best place to farm one? I have one already but want anointed versions, the spread sheet says Tremendous Rex in the Cistern of Slaughter but I just killed him in M3 and he didn’t drop a single legendary. Plus he takes a decent amount of time to get to even with a good build/gear.

Just Grave Ward farming?

I got all my Maggies as world drops, so yeah, pick your favorite loot pinata and hope you get lucky.

You can intentionally die in the Cistern of Slaughter after you kill Tremendous Rex to farm him but it’s not exactly efficient.

I would agree with that before the DLC and Raid was introduced. The damage vs Robots now is actually pretty valuable.

If you intend to main the Maggie, then Two Fang won’t contribute much DPS. Second Intention is generally the best option, because reload speed is crucial for GiTM builds. Hunter’s Eye is useful in loader maps, but the crit bonus is generally wasted as it doesn’t benefit the FA pseudocrits or even Megavore.

There really should be something for grenades. Even just making any callouts honorable mentions. Some just perform better than the rest:

  • Hunter Seeker - Megavore/LNT/Head Count synergy. Can also be thrown before you have LOS on targets.
  • It’s Piss - target debuffs improve you/team damage
  • Quasar - Maliwan takedown bridge can get a lot of mileage out of a quasar

Do people use GITM with the Maggie? I was using unblinking eye and the one that keeps health regen constant

Well GiTM isn’t exactly a highly M4 viable playstyle so probably not. I use the Maggie mostly on Rakk Attack builds because I don’t think it has much synergy with FA compared to say a Stagecoach or Bangstick.

I mean even beyond that I feel like the damage from 3 regular FA shots with a Maggie would out DPS unloading a mag during GITM with the gun but not sure on that one.

Why do shotguns have more of a synergy with FA than the Maggie?

I don’t think its great on Fl4k. The Redistributor is only truly special on Zane because of barrier amp synergy. On every other class its decent, but I don’t think its HM.

Yeah I may add that. Though of course, ‘best’ really depends on your build and the weapons you are using. F4de Away builds really value the AS cooldown, but for Rakk Attack builds, its unnecessary. And if you use a Maggie, the Jakobs crit, Jakobs damage combo is great, but not if you are using a Craps. Splash damage is great - if the weapon you use has splash in the first place.

I think the Red Suit and Transformer function differently. While yes, the Tranformer provides shock immunity, it is kinda by function of its shock damage absorption. Which is why you can take a radiation dot with the Red Suit, but not a shock dot with the Transformer, because you aren’t technically taking damage in the first place.

Because if you are using 3-shot F4de Away, you really want those 3 shots to count. While the Maggie is normally a better weapon than any Jakobs shotty, the higher damage per shot favors the Jakob’s shotties for FA.

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  • Added the Carrier to HM
  • Moved the COV pistols from TG to HM
  • Added the Protuberance to HM
  • Removed the Butcher
  • Added the Kyb’s Worth to HM
  • Moved the Crossroads from TG to HM
  • Added the Nukem to HM
  • Amended the description on the Ion Cannon to reflect the hotfix
  • Added a Grenade section (finally!!!)

All is left is the artifact section before this guide will finally be completed XD.


I think Mind Killer should be up for consideration. It has Stagecoach damage, enough pellets to proc LNT and headcount, but more rounds. Also pretty accurate.

I’m not so sure about that. If what you said was correct, why can Amara use the Spiritual Driver COM and shock as her action skill element to apply a shock DOT to herself while wearing the Transformer, yet both not take damage from the DOT and it recharges the shield? I think the shock resistance (100%) and shock converted into shield capacity (only while the shield is active) could be separate characteristics. Not sure it really matters much anyway.

That’s an interesting suggestion. Haven’t tested it at M4 yet. The Mindkiller has about 2/3 of the Stagecoach’s damage and less crit, pellets and fire rate, so the Stagecoach should be alot better in theory. Still, field performance is everything - will give it a go this weekend to see how it holds up.

I have a brainstormer that reloads through the bottom. It is a super slow reload and a real drag for the weapon. I recently found one that reloads through the back and is much faster. No clue what the differences in parts or prefixes but getting one the reloads through the back is much better.

The magazine is the difference. The bigger the mags the slower the reloads. The smallest mag usually also sports a damage increase for the gun while the biggest one decreases damage.


@DankRafft @Sssith On Fl4k, I actually prefer the bigger mag, lower damage version of the Brainstormer because the bigger mag allows the combo of Megavore and LNT to let you shoot it for a really long time in mobbing. Makes it super ammo-efficient and you can actually use an all-shotgun setup if you want. Shotgun Fl4k is awesome. They are his best weapons IMO.


Actually I think an optimal version for Fl4k would be the small mag but non-redundant Brainstormer. With Megavore you basically never reload with the Brainstormer until you stop shooting an enemy, mitigating mag size limitations. And given it consumes 1 ammo per shot, it won’t eat into you ammo pool either. Based on @Prismatic 's guide, because of the limit on chains per enemy, having elemental anointments means the chains of a cash-infused version will actually be more damaging then a redundant.

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