Top Gear for Athena the Gladiator

shame I almost know nothing about athena :confused: BUT if an Athena expert wants a monkey to type it up i’ve done like 4 TG’s already.

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How much better is a Snider than a Rakehell?
Don’t all sniper rifles have +50% splash?

I’m not sure if my answer will be what you were looking for but…

A Snider has a matching Maliwan barrel (well, the Sniders we care about do) And a matching barrel has increased damage. The Maliwan barrel also has increased elemental chance, which is kinda handy to stack Mealstrom.

Hey Derch, I know you’re all busy with life and stuff and that this list hasn’t been updated in some time, but the lack of Thunderfire is really irritating.

It is one of the best lasers for Athena, especially for mobbing. Shock + fire means you stack faster than a pure shock blaster and you’re still effective against fleshy enemies. Not to mention that it can stack up to 150~ no problem by itself AND the fire nova melts through enemies, even armoured enemies for some reason.

Seriously, it’s that good.

It’s more or less safe to say that this list is on hiatus until another Athena Expert can overtake the throne and test the weapons with the thoroughness that a TG deserves.

That being said if there’s someone who can do the testing I still offer my services to do the write-up/formatting.

Id definitely like to try to reformat this, and could help with a list although Im not exactly the best at this. I could help if other members were willing to.

I mean I’ve formatted like 4 TGs already I more or less have a template that can be completed in a couple hours. I just need the guy to test all the gear and establish the list.

@BookEmDano can you team up with @Hoyle4 for this?

Sure. I have most, if not all the important gears, including those from Clappy’s release that need to be looked at. I’ll give this another read and then see what’s missing. Maybe you could copy/paste @Hoyle4 the original text and then I could send him my recommendations for changes that he could then edit/format and send back to you?

I feel like more of the problem is the guns that are here that shouldn’t be than anything, and also its missing a decent amount, but the formatting definitely is fine. Some blatant guns that are missing are the Thunder Fire, which probably should be one of the 4 lasers that should be llisted, along with the Rosie, Spadroon, and Libra-Pulse, and maybe the ZX-1 as an honorable mention, for some people that just have the desire to use it.

Hellfire, Fridgia, Fatale, and Fast Talker should probably be the 4 listed SMGs, although Fast Talker needs to be Shock or fire to be useful. Just about every shotgun listed is not useful whatsoever, which especially is a problem when Athena relies heavily on Shotguns. The Thinking, Deliverance, Company Man, and also when its released, the Heart Breaker all should be listed. I know Im mostly thinking of CS Athena, but even with Melee variants, the IVF, Mining Laser, and others are all pretty useless guns imo.

I know that I just gave up control but I found with the bl2 ones that sticking to a set value of 4 or whatever was wrong. The guns that deserve to be here should be here.

We’re making progress (we’ve decided on Shotties and Lasers and the general format and how we’re going to go about it)
We have decided to be a little more strict (For example you basically listed almost every Class Mod from the Base Game), but nowhere nearly as strict as the BL2 lists.

dont worry I wont be offended by any changes, I have no ego in this, thats why I gave it up. The list is nowhere complete or correct as it stands, most of this was pre uvhm.

Fast Talker and Company Man are excellent options but I’m not sure it’s very practical to list gears that are rewards for season pass holders of Tales from the Borderlands. You get one shot at redeeming your reward at the Shift vendor and have zero chance at farming for it. So options are very limited for console players. I just hate to recommend gear that is so exclusive.


Yeah but there are people who are willing to trade them, Ive managed to find a Fire Company Man, even if its not perfect parts its worth a mention, because it could be overlooked by newer players who get the gun, and just use it thinking its nothing big at a lower level.

Well Company doesn’t have much over a Thinking, everything is more or less comparable: double the Mag in exchange for more damage and glitches. The sad thing is the Fast Talker, it’s basically made for Athena, but talking about it in the sense of TG with ideal parts and whatnot is almost farcical because of it’s one shot farmability.

IVF is TG. Chucking it at the Sentinel with High Maelstrom stacks was one of the first ways to kill it easily.
Rosie is too wide to handle without Showdown and even though I made a setup centered around the Spadroon one day, seems like some Maliwan lasers ended up caughting up with it in terms of damage. But I can be wrong about the Spadroon as I dont play TPS anymore.

We are currently in the process of revamping the entire list, the IVF is there.

Can a mod close this one the new one is at


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